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Paragon Taxi
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After nearly 30 years in the Music & Recording industry not including a 5 year hiatus from the music business, and after working with artists such as guitarist Vivian Campbell of Dio, Terri Nunn (Berlin), Carl Hoffman & Hologram, Dave Norwood, Christian Nesmith, Gary Efford, Gloria Jones, and Michael Fell, Glenn Cornick of Jethro Tull, Sunbie Sinn of The Orchids, Chuck Mills, Guitarist/Songwriter D.W. Regan otherwise known as (Paragon Taxi) hires Larry Ciancia (Drums), Keith Ciancia (Keyboards), Adrian Demain (Guitar), Brian Gollhoffer (Bass) & Ken Ferrante (Guitar) and a host of others to start laying tracks for Beyond the Palace Walls at the 24trk Track House Recording Studio in Van Nuys.
With a new generation of players coming up,

Larry Ciancia made it easy for me. After 20 years playing in bands I knew it could be frustrating putting together a band from scratch. I had auditioned about 40 drummers looking for the right guy. When I found Larry, he hooked me up with Brian Gollhoffer (Bass). He also told me his brother Keith played keyboards and had just finished up some sessions with the Red Hot Chili's and was living somewhere down near USC. Adrian Demain lived in San Diego. I don't know who he was friends with, Larry , Keith, Brian? The rest of the Band came together very quickly after that.

Larry was young and just arrived from Colorado with his brother Keith a year or two earlier. Adrian would drive up from San Diego the nights we would get together. We basically got together to rehearse 3 nights in 3-song blocks and we would then go directly into the recording studio to lay down the rhythm tracks we needed. As a team we didn't spend that much time together. We recorded all the rhythm tracks in 4-5 nights working from 6pm to midnight while working around each others schedules. It took about 2 weeks to get all the rhythm tracks done, then we started the overdubs. The entire album was completely done in about 2 months with the Los Angeles Riots as a backdrop about half way through. The City of Los Angeles was burning but that didn't stop any of us from doing what we wanted to do. With the help of my producer Ken Weiner, Blackdwarf Records and the Track House crew it didn't matter. Life goes on!

I am happy for Larry's success. No sooner did I get the album done and I see Larry in a Fiona Apple music video on MTV and heard he was on tour with her. Later, I heard he was playing for Carly Simon & Ben Taylor, then on tour with Barry Manilow and most recently Fisher on his newly formed record label Iris Record out of Colorado.

Keith went on to work with Sherly Crow and her C'mon C'mon album, South Central Cartel, Soul of John Black, T-Bone Burnett, Martin Scorcece, Everlast, and most recently Cold Mountain soundtrack. He also did a few albums on his own.

Adrian Demain he had been working with Billy Watson of the Silver String Submarine Band, The Cheap Leis and formerly with Lee Rocker Stray Cats bass player and was on tour with his band. He had recorded a couple albums with Rocker, No Cats, and Lee Rocker Live

Rad! Aug.94' Heavy driven Power/PoP,~ Soonic Boom! 94' Up Album quality is excellent! ~ Audities Journal 95', OK-psychedelic power pop with Hendrix influences. ~ Chop Tank News95'Booker T, "Green Onions", trippy psychedelic, Free Music downloads, ala LMNOP, ELP, Skafish, ~ Yellow Pills#6 95' Gram Parsons, Mathew Sweet: K.I.T. Vol1#5, Soul Asylum, Spin Doctors, Robert Plant.! Blackdawarf Records 1992', Rock N'Paranha Music1992,Dan Regan, Daniel W. Regan, DW Regan, ASCAP 93' 4th pressing!!
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D.W. Regan & Paragon Taxi is currently with Blackdwarf Records in Los Angeles
Band History:
Formed in 92', Recorded "Beyond the Palace Walls" during the Los Angeles Riots at the Track House Recording studio 24 trk analog, Van Nuys, California ~Engineered Darrin Mann, ~Guitar DW Regan, ~Guitar, Adrian Demain, ~Drums Larry Ciancia, Keith Ciancia Keyboards,~Bass Brian Gollhofer., also some thanks to Ken Ferrante on Guitar,Ken Weiner Producer
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I am happy for Larry's success, no sooner did I get the album done and I see him in a Fiona Apple music video on MTV and was on tour with her. Then I heard he was playing for Carly Simon & Ben Taylor and Barry Manilow.

Keith went on to work with Sherly Crow and her C mon C mon album, T-Bone Burnett, Martin Scorcece, Everlast, and recently Cold Mountain sound track. He did a few album on his own.

Last time I heard of Adrian he was spending time with Lee Rockerformer Stray Cats bass player and on tour with his band. He recorded a couple albums No Cats and Lee Rocker Live

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