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NEWS   New album up, "The Barzini Outfit: Bound By Honor"
Latest live performance at Churchills in Miami, FL
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Dangerous Authors (Grimey J Ak0ledge) live at Churchills 7-26-2013 at SPIT: The Freak Show hosted by 8ch20wens.
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L.A. 2 Tha Bay *GANGSTA* - FREE DL -
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Grimey J is one of Miami's sickest underground rappers. Making music for over ten years, Grimey J brings dope lyrical content and nasty beats to the rap game. Grimey J gives you the ultimate Hip-Hop expierience by combining his amazing writting talents with his raw beat creating skills which bring you closer to his creative point of view. Grimey J writes, produces and creates his tracks in his own studio, "Grimey J Studios". Grimey J has appeared on classic mixtapes like the "Trailer Park Mixtape". Born and raised in Miami, Fl. Grimey J comes from a cuban background. Twenty five years of age. Grimey J's goals include: giving fans something different from what's on the radio these days and to prosper in life.
Why this name?
While I was in high school, I started freestyle battling and everyone would tell my my flow was on some nasty-grimey shit. One day I got the idea from a comment my friend said to me. He told me, "damn J you so grimey", and it just clicked in my head. "Grimey J" was born.
Do you play live?
Yes I do. I love it. I get just a rush being up on stage. I've performed at a few open mics around dade county. Last one I hit up was at The Roman Pub by the Miami Gardens area. You can check out some videos of my performances at
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its a great tool for marketing. It give us indie artist more power to promote ourselves.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
My father was a big influence. He's the one who got me into playing instruments when I was young. As far as other artist, Bone Thugs N Harmony was the band that got me into listening more to rap, Nas was the one that got me started into rapping, and Necro & Jedi Mind Tricks were the groups to get me into producing beats.
Favorite spot?
The studio. I love chillin in the lab making music and chillin with the hommies.
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