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Art Sulger Plays 12-String Guitars
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2007 - blogging! 12-stringers will find all sorts of info about the details of playing and recording a 12-string Here
Dec 21, 2006 - 2nd CD of 12-String tunes is out. 12 tunes, one in each key. Check it out all my CDs at
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Jan 27, 2006 - '12String' a collection of 14 12-string instrumentals available now at
Dec 30, 2005 - Happy New Year everyone. I'm working on a CD with Nick Roche, David Kilpatrick, and Greg West

Bach and Blues and Modern Jazz
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Guitar, 12-string
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play hi-fi  Memories of the Fair (12-String instrumental)
play hi-fi  Candyman (12-String instrumental)
play hi-fi  Bouree from Bach Lute Suite (12-string guitar)
play hi-fi  Sally Sue's Payday (12-string instrumental)
play hi-fi  Lute Prelude in Cm (12-string guitar)
play hi-fi  Bach Prelude 1 in C major, bwv 846
play hi-fi  Spanish Escapee(12-string instrumental)
play hi-fi  Bach Cello Prelude in G for 12-string
play hi-fi  Joe Turner's Blues in Ab (12-string instrumental)
play hi-fi  Lightnin' Hopkins Fugue
I started playing a Gibson B45 12-string guitar in the 60's up in the Northeast USA...Boston, Cape Code, Albany, my home town, and New York City, where I was born.
Real life intruded, and, yada-yada-yada, here we are in the 21st century down South in Greenville, South Carolina. I still play that Gibson 12-string, now a well-worn instrument, and also have some newer puppies - 2 Taylor 12-strings. Listen to them on
these albums

I hope you enjoy my music. Some are new compositions, some are arrangements of old tunes. Constructing forms of sounds that go together perhaps in ways that no other music before is difficult, but the results are often rewarding. I work on some pieces for years before I'm happy with them. For example, Wildwood Flower is one of the first tunes that a 'folkie' finds when first learning the guitar. But just recently I picked it up again and added a little interlude.
Candyman is another fingerpicker's delight. I've been playing it for 40 years, gradually building it up from several versions and adding some spicey new additions.

Always happy to hear how you like the tunes, so email me or post to the message board if you get the urge.

Happy listening!

If you are a 12-string player, check out my 12-string diary at 12-String Musings. I try to share some of my adventures in recording, playing, and learning about this great instrument. Also join me at my.soundclick page here
Your influences?
Charlie Parker, Robert Johnson, Sam Lightnin' Hopkins, Keith Jarret, Liz Storey, JS Bach, Erik Satie, Pierre Bensusan, Kaki King, Preston Reed, John Fahey, Michael Hedges, Mississipi John Hurt, Leo Kottke
Favorite spot?
On my bicycle
Equipment used:
Gibson B45-12, 1963
Taylor 355 from the 21st Century
Taylor LKSM from early 21st Century
Matched pair of Oktava MC-012 microphones from Sound room
Real Nice Pre from FMR Audio,
Linux ALSA hosting M-Audio 2496 Audiophile