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The Devil In The Design
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play hi-fi  Golden Apples
play hi-fi  Moving Sidewalks
play hi-fi  The Perfect City
play hi-fi  I have wept reading books in this room
play hi-fi  Stop a while, I will recount a long story
play hi-fi  The Garden at Night
play hi-fi  The Long Shadow of a Tall Tree
play hi-fi  cloudface
play hi-fi  crepuscule
play hi-fi  cloudface (finale)
The Devil In The Design is the main project for experimental music by Phil Ogison. The music could be classified as Post Neoclassical, that is, although there are similarities in form to neo classical elements, there are no actual orchestral instruments used. In fact, with the release of the newest CD, 'cloudface' on Worthy Records, the only instruments used are a 1984 Ibanez Roadstar electric guitar, a Boss DD20 Giga Delay and an Image Volume Pedal. The equipment used on Dantalion includes an Ibanez ICX120 guitar, Image volume pedal through a Boss HM2 and DD20, and includes some virtual synth work also.
Why this name?
The Devil In The Design describes an unstable, unpredictable but wholly integral set or sub-set of actions that change a particular pattern or array of phenomena.
Do you play live?
Yes I started this project's live aspect by opening for Psychosomatic Climax Machine in 2003, at the Ambient Ping, in Toronto. I perform whenever I have new material to present.
Your influences?
20th Century Classical and neo-classical and electro-acoustic music, serial, loop and pattern musics.
Favorite spot?
My favourite city so far is Toronto. I love it for its' super cosmopolitan multi-ethnicity.
Equipment used:
Heavily manipulated guitars, found sounds post effected, vocals re-processed, and lots of sequencing and editing software.
Anything else...?
The purpose of this page is to showcase current work that is available on CD or other formats. Current works include tracks from Cloudface, Dantalion, The Perfect City and Vor Si r
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