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play hi-fi  Hard Ways
play hi-fi  Organic Time
play hi-fi  See Motion
play hi-fi  Street Jam
play hi-fi  Inner Circle
play hi-fi  Night Time
play hi-fi  Digital Heaven
play hi-fi  Chill Back
play hi-fi  Old School
play hi-fi  Stay Cool
I'm a Hip Hop Instrumental Maker. I use adobe Audition & Cubase SX 2.0 to compose my beats.

All these beats are made by me.
Here are the contents u need to know about my beats.
1 Beat = Depends on the Beat
2 Beats = $45.00
3 Beats = $65.00
4 Beats = $85.00

If you want more than four then just get add at me on my email or my aol instant messenger. If you buy less than four beats, you will recieve them by email, aol, or yahoo instant messenger.

aim: Orahcle
YahooIM: V1be_r4nt

I just want to make a shoutouts to my family in Anchorage, Alaska.
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