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My name is Glen Giles, and this is a mid-life crisis project. You remember when you were young and in bands and had dreams of rocking the world? Then college, wife, kids, house, cars, etc., and then one day you realize the real you really is a musican, but no one knows it, not even your family? So, get some gear together, start recording, put together a cd, and show them, and the world that follically challenged guys can still sound like the long haired dudes of yesterday!
Why this name?
This is NOT an ego trip. It's not 'Ultimate' as in of all the garage bands, I'm the best; no way. It's more of,"You guys just play for yourselves, you have no ambition, you just mess around with your friends! You're nothing but a garage band!" I'm the 'Ultimate' of that!
Do you play live?
I NEVER play live, 'cause it's just me. Maybe I'll do an acoustic thing at an open mic thing sometime, if I write a good enough song.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I LOVE IT!! I would not be here if it was not for this medium. It opens up THE WHOLE WORLD to me and everyone else. I've be able to make music with people from Australia, Europe, Canada, South America, all over the US, it's awesome!!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well, I'm pushing 40, fat, and ugly, so I don't think that's gonna be a problem for me to tackle. But, I love music, and if someone out there thinks there's a market for what I do, or wants to use my songs for another act, that would be a 'yes'. I also have a mortgage and 3 kids to put through college, so go ahead and throw the money at me!! I'm currently working on my first cd. All the songs here will be on the cd, but not in the mix posted here. I have MUCH tweaking and even re-recording to do. It would be wonderful if some label would come along just about the time I'm going to press to pay for it!!
Band History:
Well, I've been in a variety of bands, but the only one that made a speed bump of an impact in the entertainment capital of the world, Columbus, GA, was Phantom. The photo is from a 20 year old Phantom publicity shot that I cropped and added some grafitti. After being completely out of music for almost 20 years, I've been back in now for about a year.
Your influences?
Just about anyone who played a loud guitar. KISS got me to first pick up a guitar, but I really like heavier, bluesier Rock stuff, although I don't sing that style well. So what I enjoy playing, I can't really sing, so I'm sort of 'working' on a style!
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Carvin Bolt-T, Carvin DC150, Kramer Baretta w/Floyd Rose, Dean Edge 1 bass, Washburn D-28, Johnson J-Station, M-Audio Omni Studio, MXL-V67 condensor mic, Sony ECM-330 mic, record into acidmusic 3.0, and am just starting to mess around with Sound Forge.
Anything else...?
"In a world full of locks, love is the key."
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