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Scott Johnson and Phil Ogison (who both play with Anne Sulikowski, Jeff Sinibaldi and Vanessa Price in Psychosomatic Climax Machine) were both inspired by each others' individual music projects, and decided to team up, as it were. What you will hear on this site, represents the first project, the self titled CD, The League of Imaginations. We like to refer to our music as Orkestronica, a sub genre that wasn't included in our choice of categories, but there you have it. Welcome to the Big League, and Big Sounds of Scott Johnson and Phil Ogison, The League of Imaginations.

Why this name?
The name, The League of Imaginations is a slight pun based on the many years defunct predecessor of The United Nations, The League of Nations. As everyone knows, neither have been spectacular successes, because neither had much imagination. We don't need more nations, we need more imagination. 101 damn nations too many.
Do you play live?
We have not played live, as the entity The League of Imaginations as of yet, but we are planning to. As mentioned earlier, we do play live together in Psychosomatic Climax Machine.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps independent projects to become known to a wider audience, and puts the means of that communication in the hands of the artists.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We are quite happy to be signed to Worthy Records, and have no plans to shop our material.
Band History:
This is from Scott:

1998-99 Sang and played keys in a live band called "Cosmic Soup" in Ottawa that sounded like a bridge between The Tea Party and Radiohead.

2000 Played keyboards and sang in a band called "Belasco"...it was a bridge covering anything from My Bloody Valentine to Stereolab.

2001-2002, shared many recordings that were never released, in a project called "In Stasis" with a good friend Jay Baker. Best described by our friends as "Space Folk".

2002, Started an IDM project called "Slo-Fi Spirit Wave" that was inspired by everything from Orb to Squarepusher...played live at a music showcase called Futursonic as one of the opening acts for "Microbunny"

2003 "Slo-Fi Spirit Wave" morphed into an ambient experimental drone project called "The Lonely Flight"...a s/t release was warmly welcomed by Worthy Records in 2004, which made this man very happy indeed

2003 "Low Frequency, Pilot" was formed between 2 lovers of ambient/noise experimental music...we've opened for some great experimental bands such as; "Elevator", "In support of Living", "Hypnotech 3",and "Head|Phone|Over|Tone". LF, P has also released a s/t EP on Worthy Records in 2003

2003 Formed yet another project with Jag from LF,P known as Points To Victim which is a bridge between straight up prog rock and experimental space rock.

2004 Recruited by the intergalactic ambi-improv squad known as "Psychosomatic Climax Machine". Started "League of Imaginations" with the Devil in Design, Phil Ogison.

This from Phil:

1966-68 Various pop cover bands in Whitehorse, YT.
and experimental projects in film, tape based music and electronic noise manipulations.

1969-70 Kitty Bass Quartet (an anomaly I assure you)

1970-71 Various heavy-ish bands.

1973-76 The Frog Symphony of Oberon, later changed to Oberon, one of the first synth bands in Canada.

1978 Eggplant, experimental music project formed from members studying at University of Waterloo Independent Studies Program.

1981 Solo project, Hidden Devices, played guitar in a punk band, Zero.

1983-86 Played with a group of musicians who eventually coalesced as The Entrance System releasing one vinyl album and one tape.

1987-88 This Pure Desire, Starblanket.

1988-89 Making Big Pictures, multimedia improv live band.

1990-2000 Many solo projects and CD production, with over 30 projects committed to CD. Among these are included, Spacenomad first 4 releases, The Pyx, Karmabomb, MN8 ep and full length CD, Continent. 103rd St.Boys with William S.Burroughs (quickly ascended the CIUT new jazz charts). The last Spacenomad album, The Return of Mickey The Alien. Did a cover album called 'Some old fiends' with material by Roxy Music, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and The Rolling Stones.

2000-2002 Released Conspire, Ideogram, and after Duchamp with my wife Catherine Tammaro on Vocals and arrangements, and engineered on Catherine's solo project, Hydra.

2003 I played my first gig with Psychosomatic Climax Machine, and in 2004 became full time member, as well as starting collaborative projects with Anne Sulikowski (A Pretty Sonic Splatter) and Scott Johnson (The League of Imaginations).

In 2004, I also released under my own name, The Elopement, music to accompany a self-penned short story about radical ideas and their consequences. You can read this story and hear the music by visiting www.soundclick.com/Phil Ogison, or www.room101.net.
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