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Yo Bradbury
Bordeaux France (Rick Ross Type Beat)
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My SECOND Review
Once again, I'm feeling the love...

"So here's the deal. The Reverend Yo Bradbury missed the memo about the Heaven's Gate's farewell. Now, in the aftermath, this alleged 40th member of the posse wrote an album to express his grief, cope with losing his "family" and as a means to get on with his life.

The result is a concept album that rides a dated gimmick into the ground, hoping it might substitute for content and overshadow the monotonal, clich�-ridden lyrics -- think Stephen Wright. Pot smoking cults, masturbating while drinking, getting anonymous head while standing around the campfire, finger painting while stoned, escaping from the clan and other pseudo-motivational deep thoughts abound, intended as humor but garnering no giggles. This is unfortunate, as Bradbury's mixing and production is decent, as far as lo-fi home-produced music goes. "BBs for the Amish", which shows off cool little IDM glitches and time stretches, exhibits real potential, but stumbles downhill from there. It's a decent framework, but Bradbury squanders it on uninspired lyrics on a very tired topic.

Perhaps the intended message here is an overall feeling of apathy and a numb aesthetic. If so, job well done." -- Dave Madden

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My First Review
I will always keep this review close to my heart

The Reverend yO bBRADbURY,"The Reverend yO bBRADbURY"
(Indie Release)

Yo Bradbury was a survivor from the notorious "Heaven's Gate" church. He had a prior engagement on the day that the rest of the cult had their �final� meeting and went to the �above human� level wearing their trademark Nike�s. His music is bizarre, like the Human League on bad acid. �Strangeness� just for the sake of �strangeness� does not necessarily make for good music! Although the lyrics are often humorous, it isn�t enough to save these often dreadful dirges from making you ask God one question: why did he prevent Yo Bradbury from missing that crucial final meeting of the �Heaven�s Gate� cult? Stick with Charlie Manson if you want infamous cult music. At least Charlie had some talent!

Reviewed by: Scott Platt.
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