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What do you get when you mix together a bit of jazz, a pinch of pop, a taste of rock, a swig of swing, and maybe just a smidgen of country music? The unique sound and songs of Cara Young, which are showcased on her debut EP, Insatiable. Cara is a singer/songwriter currently based in Dallas, TX.
Why this name?
It is my name.
Do you play live?
Not presently, but hopefully soon. I do love performing and have performed often in my life.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has definitely turned the mainstream industry upside down. As an artist, it is both exciting and a little worrisome. I love being able to share my music online so easily and hope that it will help me develop a fan-base that is wider than my local area.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, if it is a label that I feel confidence in, and if the terms of the contract are to my liking.
Band History:
Cara Young is a singer/songwriter currently based in Dallas, TX. Originally from Albany, GA, Cara was born into a family full of musical talent. Her father was a band director and music director who could play any instrument and her mother was a piano teacher. From an early age she was surrounded by music and began to exhibit her own musical talents. She performed in church, singing and sometimes playing bass guitar. At different times in her life she played trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, and piano.

Cara recalls playing alone in her grandparents' backyard as a child and making up songs. She dreamt of being a star from a young age and put on many shows for family and friends, often dressing up her younger brother in crazy outfits to accompany her. She performed in musical theatre as well as in vocal ensembles.

Cara began to write poetry in high school, which then evolved into writing complete songs. She decided that in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer she would attend a college that provided training in the music business. In 1990 she enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University. At MTSU she was able to spend time in the on-campus recording studios, recording some of her own music and learning how the recording process worked. She was part of a duo called "Mr. & Ms. Know-It-All." She and her musical partner recorded a 4-track project together and placed the cassettes in some local record stores. They got a favorable review in a local newspaper and performed in Murfreesboro bars and restaurants. Cara also performed in the honors chorus, an ensemble group, and as the vocalist for the jazz band.

After graduation, Cara accepted a job at Warner Bros. Records in Nashville, TN. Her goal was to position herself within the music industry in order to pursue her dream of singing and writing songs. The plan seemed to backfire though, as she became disenchanted with the music business. She switched directions to become a personal trainer in 1996 and moved to Dallas, TX. Cara's music was put on the back burner until 2003, when she suddenly began to write songs again. After spending a year writing and working with her producer, Mark Carroll, it was time to showcase her new songs. The result of those efforts, Insatiable, is just the beginning...

Your influences?
My influences vary greatly, which is why my song style is so diverse. I love the old-time jazz female vocalists, especially Peggy Lee. Most of my favorite artists tend to be female singer-songwriters, but I also love dance music and techno as well.
Favorite spot?
Costa Rica at the Areal Volcano
Anything else...?
I welcome feedback of any kind.
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