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New School
Mold of Klay
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play hi-fi  01-Latency
play hi-fi  02-Mystic
play hi-fi  03-Misled
play hi-fi  04-Sense
play hi-fi  05-Mold of Klay
play hi-fi  06-Vortex
play hi-fi  07-Pull Me Apart
play hi-fi  08-Mind Play
play hi-fi  09-Disaster
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Mold of Klay started wayyy back in High School as a quick project to get out some frustration during some happenings in a relationship. To this day I still use my music to convey my emotions, The Heart of Glass is no exception. It's carefully crafted layers of music along with emotionally charged lyrics, all set in an Industrial-Style tone.

If you want that old Industrial edge, you've found it.
Why this name?
Back in High School it wasn't called Mold of Klay, and it has gone through many name changes, and also many different genres (some songs of which I will post at a later date to show the progression of the band), and even some guest band members.
Do you play live?
Currently I don't have the equipment to play live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I believe it's a great way to be heard, rather than giving a demo tape to a music industry who already has probably 1000's of tapes to hear, a person can just look at how the band is doing on the charts and *bam* record deal. *hint hint*

As for downloading entire albums and never giving the band a single dime, I disagree.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
I have many influences, anywhere from techno to industrial to metal. That doesn't necessarily mean that my music sounds like that though, it just means I might use a certain time signature or emphasis on a certain type of theme that sounds like that genre. Most of the time I like to think of my music as the combination of many popular industrial artists, such as Skinny Puppy, En Esch, Sascha K, Skold, among others.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere where there are beautiful trees and the occasional computer screen.
Equipment used:
Fruityloops, various mic's, a Genuine Fender bass, and effects.
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