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everybody's doin' it!
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play hi-fi  a party, last saturday night
play hi-fi  i saw the whole thing
play hi-fi  the red house
play hi-fi  trendsetter
play hi-fi  nothing's happening here
play hi-fi  safe as houses
play hi-fi  robot 23 (unleashed)
play hi-fi  up and out (we go!)
play hi-fi  once upon a time
play hi-fi  weapons of masked desires
this is a bunch of songs i've written, some with bands, some on my lonely. it kinda has a little bit of everything, demos, live, rehersals. . . so the quality sometimes is poor. but the intent comes thru. this is also an outlet for songs that i have written with my conspiritor, the reverend a.g. parr, whose ascerbic lyrics are too good not to be put to music!
p.s. if ya kinda like this go hear the metry wrecks
Why this name?
why not?
Do you play live?
only in the wreckroom...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it levels the field alot, more bands have a chance than ever before . . . even the crappy ones!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
they wouldn't have me . . .
Band History:
once upon a time . . . i have played in bands for years, finding it is more or less like being married to 4 or five guys you really don't like. quit to pursue college and money, but never stopped writing. found that having a couple of 4 tracks, some cool software and enough instruments makes a band, so . . .
Your influences?
the beatles, the marx brothers, XTC, robert zimmerman, raymond chandler, pink floyd, robert johnson, looney toons, the coen brothers, new orleans r & b, robert a. heinlein, brian wilson, the rat pack, dasheill hammett, kubrick, NIN, trad jazz, elvis c. and elvis p. (before the army), todd rundgren, buster keaton, radiohead, THE firesign theatre, hendrix, hitchcock, ludwig van and wolfgang amadeus, film noir, the kinks, zappa, the clash, the bonzo dog doo-dah band, miles davis, spoon, sci-fi...
Favorite spot?
new orleans . . . the city that care forgot!
Equipment used:
rickenbaker 360-12 string
washburn es-10 dobro
fender telecaster
epiphone acoustic
gibson grabber bass
fender precision bass
a beat-up mandolin
a ukelele
an old up-right pianny
casio 455 keyboard
casio sk1 sampler
various harmonicas
my dad's worn olds trombone
the new tenor sax i got for xmas
fender super pro reverb amp
peavy backstage 30
pulse drum set
tascam 424 mk2 4-track
tascam porta1 4-track
acid pro 4
sound forge 7
vegas video 5
sony vaio rx881 (for audio)
sony viao vgc-rc110g (for video)
assorted percussive thingys around the room
anything left over from the night before,
2 turntables and a microphone . . .
Anything else...?
yeah, if ya like this, go hear the metry wrecks.
And get the new cd, 'crawlin' back to metry', on wreckreation media, or just visit the wreckroom!
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