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MY VERY LAST YEAR 3468 (Extreme Punk/Thrash Edit)
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hopefully one of the heaviest songs ever as my F=U to 7 years of leukemia. it gets me real sick and crippled me, but is helpless to kill me as my G-d for some reason is protecting me!
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steve Lieberman
2nd King of Jewish Punk #31/69
Sun Mar 26, 2017
Rock : Punk
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Mourn for me cause it’s all over
I’m Jonathan on Mount Gilboa
By me: no Philistine masses
By me: acute myeloid blasts.

Mourn for me in my very last year
Science couldn’t save me but I have no fear
It’s my very very last year.
Mourn for me
Bewail me.

It’s my very very last year: Year 7
I’ll do a rock show in the lowest of Heavens
It’s gonna be the show of all time.
For the Heavenly Host and all who’s sublime.

Mourn for me in my borrowed days
Angel of Death visits
Again I send him away
Bewail me in my borrowed time
Bewail me: my suicide.

Mourn for me in my very last year
No more science; I don’t care.
My G-d will save me ;all Israel hear.
Mourn for me
Bewail me.