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Bard of Ely and TUOB
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play hi-fi  Beautiful Trees
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play hi-fi  Not the Whoopee Doos
play hi-fi  Real Love and Communication (feat. Lexi)
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Back in the mid '90s Bard of Ely, under his real name Steve Andrews, was very involved in the underground cassette culture and the world of fanzines. 2 people he was in very regular correspondence with were Syd and Lexi aka TUOB, who released FIS compilation tapes, ran a zine called 'Shoes of Quality' had a vinyl release on the German Very Good Records, and who turned out experimental music made up of samples, loops, backwards taping, 4 track recorder FX, vocals by TUOB and a Casio keyboard. This was lo-fi experimentalism and bedroom music taken to the extreme. The Bard and TUOB decided to do a joint cassette release featuring mostly their music and the Bard's poetry and vocals. Bard of Ely recorded his contribution on a Walkman and mailed it all down to Syd & lexi to do add their talents. Lexi actually sings a version of 'House of the Rising Sun' over the Bard's guitar, and also does a very unusual cover of his song 'Real Love and Communication.' Recently Viv Thomas has been helping the Bard get all his old cassette archives remastered on to mp3 format and here are some of the results!
Why this name?
TUOB were a very experimental band and I really don't know why they chose that name. JECIST, which is in the artwork and in the lyrics of 2 songs stands for Joint Experimental Creations in Space and Time!
Do you play live?
We played live in our rooms when these recordings were made!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
YES, definitely! It's enabled me to bring these recordings to you!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would but I can't answer for TUOB!
Band History:
Explained in the interview section.
Your influences?
Impossible to categorise!
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