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NEWS   Serious Defect's latest album Thugocracy remains in production and is planned for a Spring 2014 release.
Serious Defect - Democide (Full Album)
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Infowar inspired metal and punk rock. Your failure to be informed doesn't make Serious Defect a whacko.

Simply put, [Serious Defect] is one of the the Alex Jones', the David Icke's and Jordan Maxwell's of the music world... - Truth Music Directory

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Everyone has their price. Try me.
Band History:
The Serious Defect solo project began in 1993 immediately following the Seige at Waco. To date, SD has released several self-titled full-length albums, Ep's, remasters and reissues.
Your influences?
Samhain, Misfits, Elvis, Motorhead, The Accused, and GG Allin, DEVO, Copernicus.
Anything else...?

Year Album

1994 Geometrical Harmony

1995 Musical Deprivation

1995 Imposter

1996 Beyond the Grave

1996 Legacy I - IV (greatest hits)

1996 V

1997 VI

1997 VII Fallen Angel

1998 VIII Princess of Pain

1998 SD Vicarious GG

1999 IX Arise!

1999 Dungeon Legacy

1999 The Necrossentials

1999 Chapter 13

2000 Dark Poem

2001 SD vs The Misfits

2001 Oi to the World (EP)

2001 Brink of a New Dawn

2001 Reaction to 9-11 Spoken Word

2002 The Super Patriot

2003 Hello AmeriKa

2003 One Nation

2003 Reichstag Burning to 9-11

2003 Patriotic Hardcore Vol. 3

2003 An Experiment in Death

2004 F*** the New World Order

2004 For America

2005 Eccentric (EP)

2005 The Complete Eccentric Sessions

2005 Serious Defect Remasters Vol. 1

2005 Serious Defect Remasters Vol. 2

2005 Serious Defect Remasters Vol. 3

2005 Tunes of Terror (remaster ltd.)

2006 SD Vicarious GG - Vol. 2

2006 G.B.S. Vol. 1

2006 G.B.S. Vol. 2

2006 Vintage (archived)

2006 Effuzol

2006 American Dream

2007 G.B.S. Vol. 3

2007 Serious Destruction

2007 Limited Edition Splits

2007 Patriotic Condescension (Release Date 10/9/07)

2007 Patriotic Condescension/Serious Destruction split CD

2008 Simmer (July 2008)

2009 Electric Liberty (April 19, 2009)

2009 Serious Defect 8 CD Box Set (Limited)

2010 Scorched Earth U.S.A (July 4, 2010)

2011 Repeat Until Dead (December 24, 2011)

2012 Democide (December 24, 2012)

2013 Happy Pills EP (February 24, 2013)

2014 THUGOCRACY (Spring 2014)
Thugocracy 2014
Happy Pills 2013
Democide 2012
Repeat Until Dead 2011
Scorched Earth USA 2010
Electric Liberty 2009
Simmer 2008
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