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Hi, my name is Jeremy.

Musically, I go by the name, Passion. I'm a 20 year old filipino-American from San Francisco, CA. I'm a born again Christian and I've been singing since i was a kid but didn't start taking it seriously until 9th grade. I am a singer, songwriter, producer, musician, and performer and this is my soundclick site :)

Why this name?
I chose the name Passion because of the passion I had for music and the passion and love I had for my Lord and Savior Jesus. Without Him, I am nothing, and I'm forever thankful for His love and His blessings.
Do you play live?
Yes I do play live. I enjoy performing as well as singing on my own. I've always said "Whether you're performing for one, one million, or none, bring the same amount of passion everytime.." :)

My style of performing is singing accompanied with an acoustic guitar and piano or keyboards. I guess you can say, I'd be the mellow portion of an event :D
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it gives an opportunity for rising and inspired musicians,artists,singers,and whoever, a chance to show the world what they got. Whether they do it to get known, to be famous, or to even just share something they love with the community, the internet is music outlet to the world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes but not at the moment. I have spoken to a few majors in the past and I realized that I'm not ready to give up my music so easily. When you're a songwriter and you write about your feelings and about your real experiences, when you have a certain sound and when you produce your own music, there is something about having that creative freedom and control. I don't think I'm ready quite yet for a label. So for now, i'm just doing it on my own and loving the process. :)
Your influences?
JESUS, Christina Aguilera,Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Craig David, Boyz 2 Men,Brian Mcknight, Dru Hill, 112, Justin Timberlake, my uncle Robert, Kenoly Brothers, Dawkings and Dawkins, John Legend, and church.
Favorite spot?
My hometown, the city of San Francisco.
Equipment used:
Hmm.. Cool Edit Pro, Fruity Loops, guitar,korg triton LE keyboard,Rode NT1a (Anniversary Model) condenser mic, computer.. ummm.. voice? ok yeah.
Anything else...?

More Music?
AIM: yaboypassion
Yahoo: lemonadesmiles24

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