NEWS   cliffbanga AKA BanG 1st AKA C-SHaRP, summons by the creator of all existence to master his Boom-BaP sword, and to lead world P.e.a.c.e movements. C-BanG is considering in joining the Universal Zulu Nation, because many of their beliefs are the beliefs he has always held in heart. Locked himself in the Laboratory conducting mad Scientific Boom-Baptical experiments. Is also mastering Music Theory, Midi, and several other musical elements at Full Sail University. The 130 songs on his soundclick page has no knowledge of music theory at all. He doesn't sell his sampled songs because that's what will get your balls broke by soundclick. He either sets them to stream or to download for free. If he wants to make money from them one day, he will get permission and do it the right way. So for all you artists and bands out there that have been removed from this site, you should learn the COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT laws. Soundclick has every right to enforce the laws, because the laws are most likely enforcing on them, from many producers, and bands making money from sampling without permission. My advice----- MASTER MUSIC THEORY, or chop your samples down to small semi quavers, make them unrecognizable, and if you don't get permission, do not sell them, do like C-BANG does stream or allow to download for free. People ask me why is your account still good, and you have samples in a lot of your songs, because I'm not selling mine that's why, and I'm pretty sure I would get my balls broke or warned by Soundclick, if I did try to sell them. But majority of my samples are also unrecognizable. I make sampling a true art, and so does my fellow producers I have produced with. I'm one of the last of the hip-hop-hicans, soon I will bless everyone with that true Boom-Bap 2013-2014 style. A long the way C-ShaRP will also spread world P.e.a.c.e, and believes true Unity/equality, is every single human being in the entire world moving forward together as one big strong family not a single soul left behind no matter who you are or where your from, the evil, and zombies need to be taught the right things, we all need to raise our children to treat one another 360 % equally. If I join the Universal Zulu Nation, I plan to be one of the highest teachers of world p.e.a.c.e. For music, making beats wise, It doesn't matter what DAW or drum machine/sampler / instrument you use, it matters how you use your sword, master your time, master your mind.
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  4 REAL
play hi-fi  We Don't kNow what Yall Talkin about
play hi-fi  Joey the demon free style
play hi-fi  Venus TeaR diAmoNd
play hi-fi  d.y.t.f.u
play hi-fi  nothing else to be said
play hi-fi  DaRk SiDe oF VenUs
play hi-fi  stop whutcha doing and just go baZerrC
play hi-fi  xavier
play hi-fi  negative side of thangZ

5 DEaDLY FINGER NaturaL liVe
Favorite spot?
new york city
Equipment used:
i use a roland xp-80, the roland 8-90, makie mixing board, the mpc2000xl, the boss sp-202,i use a mxL2001 microphone allight thats enough can't tell you everything hahaha
Anything else...?
yeah music, makin beatz, makin tracks , shouts to my brovas holidin it down wargod , my n*** graveyard shifter,my n*** dyce da wun, sun tzu , my head flute iron monkey , blade disiple,, lord zero , maximus , my niggas, p.e.a.c.e THIZ IS A TIGHT cypHA can't Break this circle f.w.l g.n.c coming strong !!!!!
CliFFBanG & Dom Pachino
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