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R. Sean Faust
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10/08/07 @ 01:14 PM     1 comment
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Inside Again
Music: Sean Faust
Lyrics: Sean Faust & St. James
Produced by: Neil Rambaldi & Sean Faust
Recorded at Prismism Studios
Copyright 2007 R.S. Faust
Directed by: St. James
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Singer/songwriter, Sean Faust is an individual with a vision. His songwriting captures the essence of a fresh kind of approach that reels in it's listeners like a fish unknowingly biting it's bait. He brilliantly crafts songs that can be acoustic rock, new-age and all around progressive at the same time. Sean is known for his live shows, which cannot be considered simple entertainment, but an overall fantastic experience. He is inspired by, "Life, sunsets, big skies and large landscapes," and attributes his musical influences to bands like Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Phish, Live, Rush, Grateful Dead, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Yes and many more.

A regular performer at clubs, singer/songwriter friendly bars and even quiet coffee houses, Sean can be seen performing regularly with Slippery When Wet NJ, a premier Bon Jovi tribute band. This band is known to travel extensively in the United States and even Puerto Rico. Playing with Slippery When Wet NJ has opened up different avenues of exposure to a legion of fans who may not have even heard him through other outlets.

Sean Faust has released his new EP, "Inside Again".

Inside Again is now on iTunes!

Sean's first solo release, "STAINED GLASS", is a pleasant, emotionally mesmerizing, sonic journey into a new world of music that has been enticing audiences throughout the universe with it's unique and innovative blend of Progressive Rock and New-Age themes. From beginning to end, "STAINED GLASS" is a masterpiece that will draw the listener through an engrossing, sonic voyage of numerous emotions. Truly, a journey to be experienced.

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R. SEAN FAUST: Stained Glass
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"STAINED GLASS" is also available at:

What You Need? Music
12 Lanes Mill Road
Brick, NJ 08724
Your influences?
Pink Floyd, Phish, Live, Dream Theater, Tori Amos, Jeffrey Gaines, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Rush, Yes
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