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QnP are two incredibly cool people who collaborate over the internet to bring you the funkiest, most kickin', uber-rockin' tracks you're likely to experience in several lifetimes.
Why this name?
Quaver and The P.u.P.P are our aliases, we initialized them into QnP. We think this decision was best for everyone involved.
Do you play live?
We have had no opportunity to play live as of yet. But we hope to in the near future. (look out for our world tour 2010)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Q:In our case, the Internet is pretty much the basis of our collaborations. What with myself on one side of Australia, and P on the otherside of New Zealand, chances are we'd never have even heard of each other if not for some spectacular teamwork in a particular forum game. Distribution, piracy, free speech, yadda yadda. It's all about meeting people and making contacts, and luckily for us, the internet is quite well equipped to provide in that department.
P: I like the internet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That is something we would consider if the opportunity presented itself.
Band History:
Living on separate sides of the universe, Q and P met via an online forum and decided, since they were both musically enabled, to collaborate on a number of kick ass musical projects. And the world rejoiced.
Your influences?
Q: At the moment? John Mayer, Sting, Cat Empire, Oscar Peterson, Yoko Kanno.
P: Bob Marley, Outkast, U2 and System of a Down are all I can think of right now, I'll get back to ya.
Favorite spot?
P: I liked Hawsley Hill in Gloucester England. Disney world is nice, too.
Q: Perth City.
Equipment used:
P: Yamaha, Fender, Ashton, Casio.
Q: Roland XP80
Anything else...?
Apart from writing music P is actually a Warlord bent on world dominion, and Q there is a swashbuckling Pyrate!
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