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TAO X Productions
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U.S. Release of
Van Hazelaar Production's
Horror Film "Final Remains"
with Score by Composer T. Reed

Scott Supreme
New School
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play hi-fi  Mecha vs Monster 4
play hi-fi  "Mortuary" (trailer mix 1)
play hi-fi  MechaVersusTitan
play hi-fi  Requiem Mass excerpt in D minor
play hi-fi  Blood Reaper Theme trailer excerpt
play hi-fi  In The Flesh
play hi-fi  Aum TAOX mix
play hi-fi  Escape From Allah Catraz
play hi-fi  Weeds Upon His Grave
play hi-fi  Sonicsupercollideascope - Decompostion 1 excerpt
TAO X Productions is the creative Laboratory of Music Producer/Composer T.Reed.
NEW! Videos uploaded to TAOX RECORDS member page:
Welcome to the Soundclick/TAO X Production site:)
Herein you shall find a collection of diverse works ranging from Modern Electronica to Classical Film Music and a little bit of everything inbetween, including aggressive Industrial Metal and Experimental Jazz and oddities of all kinds!
These tracks reflect a glimpse at some of the work that TAO X Producer, T.Reed has embarked upon over the last two decades.

TAO X Records plays host to the many projects of T.Reed as well as other projects he has had a hand in creating, producing, or compiling for
TAO X and other creative and commercial purposes.

TAO X Records is a small independent label dedicated to the goal of inspiring and facilitating the creation and dissemination of serious, high caliber, experimental and alternative music. TAO X releases feature Music and Artists that display a certain distinction and consistency of craft, quality, aesthetic, concept, and delivery that make them stand apart in their respective genres.
In the process of seeking out Artists who are breaking ground and creating excellent music in Experimental, Electronica, Industrial, Ambient, Atmospheric and other alternative genres, we hope to meet many more creative and talented Artists, inspiring and contributing to many new projects, compilations, and collaborations.
Music found on the TAO X Records label can be expected to include:
Dark or strange sonic tapestries
Film Music for subconscious spaces
Intriguing conceptual projects
Unique, odd, and custom built instruments
Cutting edge and Retro Electronics
Exclusive tracks and collaborations
Creative packaging & Special Limited edition releases
And other oddities and treasures

Available Now from TAO X Records

. Brotherhood of the Drone Volume I
. Antipriest ~ Xero

Coming Attractions:

."Mortuary" The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Score

. Kaijusonic - Mecha vs Monster
Publishing and Copyright of all tracks on this site belong to T.Reed/TAOX and/or thier respective authors and appear here with permission. All Rights Reserved.

For more information, permission to broadcast, or catalogue and ordering info please contact:

Why this name?
TAO X Productions
The Art Of X
Contained within this acronym lies the secret of Art. An algorithmic, metaphysical formulae
Representing the intangible qualities embodied within life and the creative process,
And extending throughout infinity.

TAO : 'The Way' which cannot be named
'X' : The unknown integer in any formulae

That which drives a man to pursue his spirit through art is born of the same cloth
Of paradox as Zen... Seeking that which is intangible.
The name serves as a constant reminder of how we, as Artists, are compelled to do what we do, for The Art Of 'X'
Band History:
TAOX founder, T. Reed, has worked on numerous sides of the art and business of music, film, and video since the mid eighties, and is currently putting that experience, as well as that of a network of friends and colleagues in diverse regions of the music and media industry, into play to create an Artist friendly yet serious, professional environment to forward the cause and creation of Experimental Art and Music.

Originally, I started TAO X Productions as an umbrella company for all of my various artistic and commercial work and projects in the music business. Over the last few years I have been working towards redefining the scope, and setting up the infrastructure to launch the TAO X label".

Choosing the "Brotherhood of the Drone" compilation to be the flagship release, while working on preparing a number of other productions simultaneously, TAO X began working on more of these projects in 2005.
Anything else...?
LOCATIONS VOLUME 2 {International Compilation of Manipulated Field Recordings produced by Matt Davignon - Ribosome Music} IS NOW AVAILABLE!

This virtual experimental music trip takes you "around the world in under 80 minutes"...From Seoul South Korea to Santiago Chile...through New Zealand to Tibet and back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the full 7 minute version of Antipriest's "Frogs of the Alien Dreamtime Calling to Thier Mothership".
This product is only available through the Artists who participated in its creation.

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