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Lay in grace Live
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Live @ Kennys Castaways
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Greetings all,

The brand new NBT podcast was released today, and Suicidal Poets is one of the Featured Artists!

Check out the hour-long podcast, with plenty of great new music.
Hear Michelle introduce(in her finest County Cork accent!) our 2 tracks, as well as give some insights on the band.

Go to:

Please get your friends/family and fans to get on download and stream,
and spread the word on the show.

Also, please vote for the show on 'Podcast Alley', ranked in the top 10 out of over 7000 music podcasts. Lets get them higher!
Go to:


A big Thank You to everyone for their support!!!!!

We're also featured on this previous NBT Podcast:

It's episode 5 of the 'Bullets From The Belfry' show, titled 'Tales From the Cool Darkness'.

Stop by and give it a listen, and leave a comment if you'd like.

Help support indie music!

Here's the link:
http://nbtdarkelectric.podomatic. com/


Suicidal Poets are Notorious for their Poetic Lyrics and Musical Originality. They are a crossover between Folk, Rock, Pop, Alternative and Electronica. The Suicidal Poets launched onto the Internet music scene April 1999 by joining SoundClick.com and that was like Openning a Window to the World. Since then it has been an upward spiral of success.
Hitting the #1 spot over all on soundclick.com Hottest Unsigned Band and maintaining that spot for over 2 1/2 years was just the beginning. In the summer of 2000 they were featured four times on the mp3tv NOW channel as the best band of the ten best websites in the world in front of 135,000,000 viewers. Since then, they have been featured on numerous Internet radio stations and are currently getting airplay worldwide. Currently Suicidal Poets have ranked #1 in the rock, pop and alternative charts in approximately twelve different countries including U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Germany and Ireland. The band has been featured as the #1 hottest undiscovered rock band
on the mtvundiscovered site. Their music has been included on several compilation c.d's including the highly acclaimed compilation c.d with artists such as Brad Pitt, among others. Their unique eclectic style of music which ranges from pop rock to gothic folk.
Led by lead singer Michelle and bassist Carmelo Risquet,who write the band's music, they have even caught the attention of major producers like Lewis A. Martinee, who produced artists such as Vanessa Williams, Enrique Iglesias and The Pet Shop Boys, to name a few. In addition to these offers, their music is being considered for movie soundtracks. They have been featured as the hottest unsigned song in the pop rock and alternatve on Yahoo Music and many other sites.

Why this name?
It's a combination of reasons. It started with the song 'Suicidal Poets'.
Then one night, Carmelo was playing so furiously that he ripped the calluses off his fingers, and started bleeding all over the stage.
That made the name stick!
Do you play live?
Yes. We have played in many club in NYC and the surrounding area. We've played at: The Knitting Factory, Arlene's Grocery, The Bitter End, The Blue Room, Kenny's Castaways, The Mean Fiddler, Alligator Lounge, Manny's Carwash, Images, Rosie's, Babe's Place, Orphan Annie's, Fibber Magee's, The Orange Bear, and Limerick House, to name a few.
Suicidal Poets have open for,as well as backed, legends such as David Amram & Pete Seager.
We love performing. Specially those moments when the audience is visually captivated.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well, for the known artist Mp3 can possibly represent a loss of record sales, but for the
unsigned musician, it's an avenue that we never had before to reach out & have your music heard by posibly more people than some big stars used to be able to do before the mp3 era. That's made possible with the present technology.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course, if the deal is right.
Band History:
It all started in a bar called Rosie's in NYC in 1998. Michelle was singing Irish tunes with another act when Carmelo introduced himself and expressed an interest in forming a band and writing music together. Michelle said "Yes", and Carmelo(bass) went about gathering musicians.
Soon 'Iggy' Joe Ingnacio Rodriguez(drums), Ish-Paul Perez(keyboards), Dale Streit(guitar), and Hugh Ford(lead guitar) were on board, and the original Suicidal Poets were formed.
In the beginning, rehearsals were held in Iggy's box of a room, "where you couldn't swing a cat". But a lot of good lyrics and music were born there.
Soon Carmelo and Michelle set out to build a proper rehearsal/studio space and start recording the band. The cd 'Suicidal Poets'
was produced from these sessions.
Most of the original musicians are still contributing in one form or another to the band.

The current line-up of the band is:
Steve Aloyisus Campbell - acoustic & electric
guitars; joined in 2002
George Roxx - drums; 2008
Michelle's vocals and Carmelo's bass and synthesizers, of course, remain.

Happily, Iggy is sometimes available to add additional drums or percussion. As Carmelo is fond of saying,"Once a Suicidal Poet, always a Suicidal Poet!".
Former guitarist Hugh Ford is still working with Carmelo from time to time, as well as another fine, ex-SP guitarist, John Rieg.
The band continues to perform in and around NYC and is busy in the studio with new tunes.

Your influences?
All of our band members come from different musical backgrounds and have different tastes in music. Our main objectives are to stay away from everyone's style in order to stay original. The band consists of artists specifically selected for their particular talent and chemistry.
If you ask me about individual musicians, Michelle loves Dido, Cranberries, Janis Joplin, Soul II Soul, Aretha Franklin and Jewel. I like to listen to Tool, Moby, Train, Yes, Pink Floyd, ELP and lots of Jazz. Steve, our rhythm guitarist, is into The Who, Radiohead, and The Pogues. Our drummer George loves Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and all the great rock drummers.
Our sound and style is a product of the freedom of musical expression that is maintained in the band. Every past and present band member has contributed a little piece of their world to our music.
Favorite spot?
The Stage for some of us, and the studio for some of the others.
Equipment used:
We use our souls & anything that could enhance our sound & we mean that.
Anything else...?
Collectively we have the talent, determination and the art. & thats what is all about.

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