The Surf Maggots
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This is an archival project. The Surf Maggots aren't around anymore, so if you're looking for current stuff, look elsewhere. The Surf Maggots tried to play loud, primal rock & how it's supposed to be played - with heart, with great words, and everyone get a solo. The Surf Maggots lasted from 1992-1997. They opened for everyone, from No Means No, to Gas Huffer, Hazel, Team Dresch, Sleater-Kinney and Man or Astroman. Josh Feierman played and sang. Ellen Crofts played tectonic bass, and Mike Clark freaked out on the drums.

The Surf Maggots were formed in Portland, OR, the summer of 1992, when Josh Feierman (guitar) and Ellen Crofts decided to end their romantic relationship and start a rock band.

They got Don Whitley, who called himself Noodle McDoodle to sing, and, a succession of drummers. In January 1993, the Maggots, along with drummer Star Drooker made a tape called "Face Down in the Shag." They released it on a cassette, back to back with another Portland band, Lovebutt.

That spring, Noodle quit to join the circus, and the Maggots got their first full-time drummer, Brennan Foley, with whom they recorded a single called "Black Wingtips Forever", on Candy-Ass records. Subsequently Brennan and Ellen chose to stop playing rock music together and pursue a romantic relationship (they're currently married), so Brennan quit and was replaced by Mike Clark.

With Mike, the Maggots proceeded to play tons of shows, in all ages halls, clubs, basements, schools for the severely mentally retarded, porches, mailrooms and sidewalks. The Surf Maggots also recorded a cassette tape "Freedom Rock" and a CD "Are You There God, It's Me Maggot."

The Surf Maggots broke up in 1997, when Ellen went to Mexico and Josh moved to New York. Ellen is now a visual artist in New York City, Josh Feierman plays in the Last Nerves in Durham, NC,, and is a lawyer. Mike Clark plays keyboards and guitar for Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks,, and the No-Nos,
Why this name?
On the phone to a club owner, and never stopped regretting it.
Do you play live?
Used to - My favorite was wearing frog masks and smashing instruments in a 20 X 20 foot room.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
We wouldn't know
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
You've got to be kidding.
Your influences?
Dead Moon
The Who
The Melvins
Dick Dale
Favorite spot?
Madrona Hill Winery, Portland, OR
Equipment used:
Gibson Bass
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