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Ghosts Of Pompeii
NEWS   The 8th Ghosts Of Pompeii CD "FilmClips" is currently available at http://www.bigballoonmusic.com
Ghosts Of Pompeii will be appearing on the Progressive Composers Group "WorkShop" compilation, to be released early 2005.
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Ghosts Of Pompeii is an ever changing work-in-progress. A tonal experiment in melody, harmony, nature, and rhythm, cross-pollinating and fusing genres to create a distinctive style apart from others in the progressive rock field.
The music is firmly in the old school progressive rock genre with elements of jazz-fusion, avant-garde, aggressive electronics, and filmscore.
Why this name?
In the 70s' I was keyboardist for the theatrical Indiana Prog/Rock group 'Vesuvius' - and as we know the city of Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius - leaving me one of the Ghosts Of Pompeii.
Do you play live?
I am presently recording out of my home based studio, Carfax Abbey Studio, and do not forsee any touring or live performances in the near future. Although in recent years I have co-produced and appeared on a pair of projects for local independent artists, "Larson" and Candice Benjamin.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has expanded the world for the independent musician. With a few keystrokes a person across the globe can experience the music of 'Ghosts Of Pompeii'.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Absolutely - although I'd prefer the freedom of an Independent Label.
Band History:
Ghosts Of Pompeii is the creation of keyboardist Joseph Shingler.
In the late 70's I manned the keys for the theatrical Indiana prog/rock group Vesuvius - an adventurous blend of progressive schizoid-art/rock, bizarre visuals, and pyrotechnics. Leaving behind a legacy of several over the edge concert performances, a small but loyal cult following, and the distinction of being the only group from Northwest Indiana to appear on the radio sponsored WKQX Hometown Album - a compilation of local talent from the Chicagoland area.
Throughout the next two decades I re-channeled my creativity to pursue a career as a free-lance writer, publishing over 40 articles and 4 short stories.
Ghosts Of Pompeii marked my return to the music scene after a twenty year self-imposed exile.
Between 1998 and 2005 I've produced eight CDs, a variety of compilation discs, and collaborated with several local musicians, adding a touch of Ghosts to their compositions.
In 2003, Ghosts Of Pompeii appeared on the Progressive Music Society compilation disc "Portals II" and the P.E. compilation "EarSongs 3".
I am one of the founding members of The Progressive Composers Group which will be releasing the first in a series of "Workshop" compilations, featuring new and established independent artists.
Your influences?
Influences are the pioneers of progressive rock: YES, ELP, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Genesis - as well as the more obscure groups as Eloy, Ozric Tentacles, Univers Zero, Devil Doll, and film composer Bernard Herrmann.
Favorite spot?
Whitechapel England during the reign of Jack The Ripper.
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