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Instrumentals with Hooks
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The Clarks
NEWS   Yes.... Cornerstone IL this Summer... You can catch Daniele solo, two performances, and with Glen Clark and the Family on the Gallery stage among other places. More info: http://cornerstonefestival.com
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play hi-fi  Blessed Is His Name
play hi-fi  Formed By Your Hand
play hi-fi  Turn Around
This is the first official project by Daniele Clark of Glen Clark and The Family... released as 'Pure Word' under the name 'The Clarks' This 4 song demo was first available at Cornerstone Festival in July of 2004. Daniele wrote and composed all songs on this project, she also sang all vocals and played acoustic guitar on all tracks. Beau Clark (also of Glen Clark and the Family) played Djembe on all tracks. All tracks recorded and produced by Glen Clark. Mixed by Jim in Kingsport, TN. Billy (Biscuit) plays electric guitar and Bass on all tracks. To find out more about Daniele's current music and writing go to www.glenclark.net/daniele or www.purevolume.com/daniele To find out more about Glen Clark and the Family: www.glenclark.net or www.Grrrrecords.com
Do you play live?
Festivals, Theatre's and other concert venues, Bike Rallies, Rainbow Gatherings, Drug Rehabs, Coffehouses, Inner Cities, Native Reservations... Many places few will go to & the people most have forgotten.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's an excellent tool for independent bands to get their music out there & eventually may do away with the traditional "industry" or at least diminish it's control of what music get's heard.
Your influences?
Charlie Peacock, Bill Mallonee, Sarah Masen, Steve Taylor, Over The Rhine, Glen Clark, Bob Dylan, Melissa Kreye, Jewel, Alison Krauss, Michael Pritzl, The Violet Burning
Favorite spot?
where they have ears to hear and eyes to see
Equipment used:
Taylor, Takamini, Mesa, Line 6 Pod, Mozilla, Fender, Epiphone, Boss, Mackie, Shure, Korg and the list goes on...
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