Jack Strange
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New School
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play hi-fi  Where the Real Faces Move
play hi-fi  Still Alone
play hi-fi  Anything
play hi-fi  Partying Guy
play hi-fi  Johnny B. Blank
play hi-fi  Back in New Orleans
play hi-fi  Nobody's Ever Takin' You Away
play hi-fi  I'd Really Like to Make It Baby
play hi-fi  Death Rattle (Fast Ride)
play hi-fi  Carousel (combined)

JACK STRANGE does not exist. He and his music are figments of the artist's imagination.
Band History:
Back in New Orleans (2009)
Ever Laughter (2003)
Heartbeat (2001)
Still Alone (2000)
Anything else...?
Everyone likes a little Strange!
Graves at Neutral Ground (2006)
Graves (?)
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