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Framing Amy is a alterna-pop/rock band who the members are influenced by rock, pop music and a little country. Amy Pierce has the power in her voice to bring you to your highest highs and want to shout out..MORE! She also has the shy side that will take your emotions and surround them with true, sweet stories. Framing Amy has the ablility to pull you in with their song hooks and leave you wanting to know more!

Formed in 1994, Framing Amy has been touring to support their 2 independent CD releases, I Have Spoken and Eureka Phenom. The independent sales of both albums support the bands drive and ambition and will continue to back Framing Amys' travels.
Why this name?
We actually were calling ourselves His Boy Elroy. When we were recording our 1st album, I Have Spoken, we had to send in paperwork for copywrites and ownership of our name. At that time we found out that His Boy Elroy was already taken by another band. So, on the fly, we came up with Framing Amy because if something went array performing or recording, it was always blamed on Amy. Basically, guys gang up on the girl!
Do you play live?
Framing Amy has performed mainly in the midwest. But, since their 5 national TV appearances, the national and worldwide appeal of the band has caught on. Fans all over are begging Framing Amy to come to there town and perform. So, the band has taken on the take of pleasing their fans. They are currently booking shows all over the U.S. and making plans to start touring internationally
Band History:
Framing Amy was created by a brother/sister team in 1994 which just was goofing around and wrote some music that they thought was pretty decent. Amy & Jeff Pierce then met the drummer, Tony Nardone, and the foundation of Framing Amy was set. After a couple of years Jeff Pierce decided to head to L.A. to pursue acting. That's where Framing Amy decided to recruit other musicians to join and fill in the gaps...oh, and not get paid!!! After an agonizing search, the current Framing Amy was formed with the addition of Thomy Kiesling, Rus Stanford and Tony Lentz. For the past 5 years Framing Amy has been ramping up their status nationally and continues to be a band, with their business and goals in place, that will stop at nothing to succeed. The music, that is collaboratively written by the Framing Amy members, has the hooks that won't quit and the fan base that is constantly growing.
Anything else...?
Tony Lentz - bass guitar
Tony's background of music is strictly hard rock.
His style drives Framing Amy's music which makes you want to actually bang your head in a pop sort of way. Why did Tony pick the bass guitar as his instrument? He has the perfect answer for you...there are not a lot of good bass players around and I knew eventually that someone would need what I have to offer. He says that most people want to play guitar, which is why he chose the bass. He likes doing the opposite. Tony is a very structure creative musician that loves dynamics! He has the biggest smile on his face when performing because he feels the music.
Amy Pierce - lead vocals, keyboard
Amy Pierce started early on in music by being forced to take piano lessons. She hated being told what to play so she quit and didn't touch the piano for 3 years. At 14 years old she sat at the piano again and started to create music which fueled her creative need. Actually performing in a band out in front of people started when Amy self-taught herself to play bass guitar at age 17.
From then on she's been compelled to teach herself how to play many different instruments. After experimenting with many different styles of music Amy was hired by a 'money making band' for her voice and keyboarding skills. With her noticing that her voice might be her bread and butter, Amy Pierce finally dove into the original band market and created Framing Amy. After Amy experienced the audience reaction to the original music that Framing Amy was writing and performing, she realized that they had something great and she's been pushing the band ever since.
Tony Nardone - drums, percussion
Tony started playing drums off of a bet with his father. He bet that his dad would by him a drum set if he won a match of tennis. Low and behold, Tony got the set! Tony self-taught himself drums by copying many different styles of drummers including his favorite Phil Collins. The beat of Framing Amy including the drive of the band to succeed is all Tony! He gets fired up when someone says NO or that he can't do it. That's Tony's motivation.
Thomy Kiesling - guitar
Thomy actually started with drums at a young age, while his twin brother started on guitar. For
some reason they ended up switching one day and that was the beginning of Thomy the
guitarist! Heavy Metal music is one of Thomy's influences. He joined Framing Amy with all his
heavy metal glory which brought an interesting aspect to the music Framing Amy creates.
Rus Stanford - guitar
Rus is a player of all styles of music including country which brings a down home feel to a lot of Framing Amy music. His willingness to listen and create a great rhythm brings Framing Amy's music to the top! All of Rus' abilities of performance are self-taught. He's played in anything from punk, urban, funk, hard rock to country.

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