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Ethan Sapphire
Ethan Sapphire
Pay it Forward
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09/23/10 @ 02:30 PM     post a comment
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From my latest CD, 'All Things Possible'.
About a friend who did a favor for me and told me to pay it forward, and I did something charitable for someone the next day
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Ethan Sapphire is working hard to bring YOU meaningful, well written songs.
He's independent and self produced, with an emphasis on quality song craftsmanship, production and arrangement.
Being independent, he works hard to tailor each song to sound unique, utilizing his professional home studio and his ability to play different instruments like guitar, piano, drums, bass, and vocals.
His songs are creative, passionate, heartfelt, meaningful, and even patriotic.
Listen to his distinct sound that's so real it'll stand out in a landscape of fake artificial sounds so common in the world of popular music nowadays. (No offense to those who create that way. I'm just a simple man who likes to keep it real)

So if you like good vintage rock and folk music, but are tired of the shallow, immature message that goes along with so much of that good music, try this music on for size, and help support it by downloading single songs or song albums. It's super easy with PayPal!

Why this name?
It's a twist on my last name, which sounds like Sapphire (Shapiro).
In Hebrew, the "S" and "Sh" are the same (except for the dot), and the "P" an "Ph" too.
Besides, Sapphire sounds much cooler, ey?
Do you play live?
Performing comes naturally, especially in places and for crowds that really listen and appreciate original music.
I really love the Velour in Provo, UT, & am looking for places like that, or small theaters and halls that can be rented fire a reasonable price including sound system and engineer.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It adds extra work for the artist, but hopefully allows us to reach a wider audience and makes it much easier to have others hear new recordings without necessarily making a CD.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I 've signed a deal with Tate Music Group, a very pleasant Gospel music label and publisher to work with. They remastered and redesigned my current CD "All Things Possible" available at
Band History:
Current Band: The Mr. E Band, original rock, blues and Gospel music.
Forbidden Donut: Mainly an 80's rock cover band
Mr. E: My solo act of original and classic rock cover songs.
Sphere of Light (SOL): Acoustic duo with Om Song, aka George Pistole.
The Water's Edge: Acoustic duo/quartet with my brother, Ari and friends.
Your influences?
I was raised on Springsteen and Rush, got heavily into the Grateful Dead (they just blew the door open on what music could be), and now am mostly into Christian contemporary music like MercyMe (I can only Imagine), Casting Crowns (If we are the Body), Newsboys, 3rd Day, and many more.
Favorite spot?
I really love Southern Utah for all the natural beauty. Cedar Breaks, Bryce Canyon, Zion NP, Snow many awesome palces to name, and sometimes even to visit!!
Equipment used:
Les Paul Studio electric, Alvarez acoustic guitars, Yamaha PG-625 Keyboard, Carvin PA system, Pro Tools 8.0 M-Powered with Projectmix I/O control surface, Rogue fretless bass, Ludwig Drums.
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