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Johnny Mazcko
Can't Look Down (w/Hook)
Instrumentals with Hooks
Pop beat with nice acoustic and electric guitars. Hook by Chelsea Davis Produced by
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“If Johnny Mazcko’s music was a donut, it would be a strawberry creamed sprinkled one………….... my favorite!” - Anonymous

Johnny Mazcko’s music is a one hundred proof shot of moonshine whiskey at night and an aspirin in the morning. His songs ride along life’s highway like the tides of the ocean. From smooth and soothing to fast and rough, the music incorporates pop/rock, old-time country, folk, and blues. Oftentimes, people compare him to a young Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, or Steve Earle.
Why this name?
My name is John Mazcko. I thought my name might sound a little catchier and Irish sounding, if I added an -ny to the end of it.
Do you play live?
In concert, Johnny likes to stand up, move around, play harmonica, try out new songs, work up a sweat, take requests, plays guitar, and sing. He also plays music with friends onstage, who will often sit in with him on lead guitar, bass, handclaps, drums, vocals, foot stomps, or anything else they want to do. In the last four years, he has played on boardwalks, rock and roll nightclubs, coffeehouses, subway stations, on park benches, comedy clubs, college parking lots, keg parties, dinner parties, pubs, and more. He has also opened up shows for national acts such as the Pat McGee Band and Ryan Montbleau.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hmmmmmm...... maybe??
Band History:
This red-headed southern boy currently calls Boston his home, but was originally born three hours south of Asbury Park, NJ (Bruce Springsteen’s hometown) in Ocean City, MD. He’s always been a fairly quiet kid and usually prefers to express himself more through his music and live performances. Growing up, Johnny never got along well with sports and school work. (To be honest, the kid wasn’t very good at anything.) Then late in his senior year of high school he picked up a guitar and the world stopped. His heart skipped a beat and instant sparks were felt between him and his new partner. Soon they moved in together and had hundreds of kids (aka: songs). A couple of years later, Johnny said goodbye to a handful of his children and recorded his first EP with a great local musician/producer named Dan Barrett. The CD was called “Somewhere Better than Here” and created a small buzz in the Boston community. A year later, the EP was re-released with bonus tracks, under Hollywood-based independent label - Statue Records.

Johnny Mazcko has accomplished a lot in a short span of time. He still loves to write, play, and record music now as much as ever. Although, he may move away from the northeast at some point in the future (it’s too damn expensive up here!), he plans to continue to write new music until the day he falls down a set of stairs and dies. He is currently working on a new album which he hopes will come out sooner rather than later.
Your influences?
Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Westerberg, Lucinda Williams, Patti Griffin, Steve Earle, Dennis Brennan, The Push Stars, The Rolling Stones, Whiskeytown, Wilco, Neil Young, The Lemonheads, The Old 97's, Bob Schneider, Johnny Cash, too many to list........

Favorite spot?
Dublin, Boston, New York
Equipment used:
Martin DC16GTE
Takamine G Series
1974 Fender Telecaster
Squire Strat
Kay Banjo
Hand Claps
Foot Stomps
Anything else...?
Any other bands or solo artists out there wanna play a show together? I'm currently looking to start setting up some tours and playing more shows outside of Boston.... Looking for some help here... Anybody??
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