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NEWS   KOMATOAST is back in the studio for the 3rd installment of brain warping fun. Things have gotten a bit more heavy on this outing and it's because we can.
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play hi-fi  I Remember (intro for And I)
play hi-fi  And I
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play hi-fi  Commit yourself to the sin .mp3
play hi-fi  Gone But Not Forgotten
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play hi-fi  The Path Less Traveled (the journey)
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This is Music made out of pure emotion. i have been writing for about 20 yrs now and it just seems to get more floydian every year. The culmination of my life and yrs of drama and stupid & not so stupid moves.

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Why this name?
Because it seemed right, it's how i felt about myself in 2004. i found myself in places i never saw coming! All tired and pissed off, with no real market for what i was doing, i started what has become a great thing for me.
Do you play live?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it puts music back where it belongs, in the hands of the musician.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
of course!

on a side note, J.C. Maze also write for Playgrounds magazine. Be sure to check out the paper online here!

Playgrounds Magazine

Band History:
JC Maze started as a metal guitarist (15 yrs) in bands such as KRATCHET, SILENCE, & UNDERNEATH. After that he wanted to try something no one else was doing so he began the group OFF THE BEATEN PATH which was an acoustic group w/ JC on guitars & Backing vocals, Jen Lawson on vocals, Aaron Russell on bass and Dean Wildman on keyboards. After thr demise of OTBP in late 2003, JC moved to South Fla. and began recording his solo CD's MANGROVES & DEAD BODIES (2004) with the assistance of Aaron Russell. It was Recorded in Ga. & Fla. and is still doin' fine. IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT was released in 2005. Per production has now begun for a 2006 release for the 3rd CD called "The Hardest Of Septembers", look for snake peaks over the next year of rough, unmastered tracks from the 3rd CD.
Your influences?
Floyd, Zep, Ozzy, Sevendust, Skindred, Lost prophets, Nonpoint, Pantera, Dark New Day, Ya know The harder tunes.....and then Alice in chains, CSNY, America, DMB, so basically........Everything from Pink Floyd to Sevendust to Alice in Chains. Good music is good music regardless of it's classification in the industry!

Randy Rhoads - March 19, 1982

Dimebag Darrell Abbott - December 8, 2004

Lanyne Staley - April 5, 2002

Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Dean & Alverez acoustics & Ibenez Electric guitars, Korg keyboard, Peavy & Sampson amps, Peavy & Other assorted cabs, JBL crossovers, Fruity Loops for drums & Cool pro recording software.
Anything else...?
Yeah, Most people suck. I am soooo tired of falsehoods & straight out deception. I hope that all that listen , understand where I'm coming from.

For those of you who don't know which side of the "where we came from" fence, here's an option
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