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City Water Bandits
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CWB has been kickin out the jams for over 4 years strong now.
Dating back to late '99, the band was originaly formed by Tim
Gross, Matt Cleghorn, and Kyle Gross. TJ joined in '00 and took over the vocals, so Tim and Matt could concentrate more on the
music end. The latest edition to City water Bandits is Jordan
Allen also from a great band Newport Jones and the Fabulous
Fixins. Jordan stepped in as lead guitar player in December of

As for the sound...well, CWB has been credited by many for having their own unique sound, with a wide variety of early punk & hardcore influences. What results, is catchy, high energy street punk/rnr, that evolves with every show,every practice and every new song written.

Touring, and recording numerous times, CWB played
with some really great bands such as; Grendel, Elicit, Midnight
Creeps, Blind Society, Lower Class Brats, the Virus, Broken Heroes, Brassknuckle Boys, The Threats, Hudson Falcons, the Street Brats, The Forgotten just to name a quick few. Also playing with some really shitty bands, but we'll not mention any names!
Keep your eyes peeled for a new full length cd available in early
'04! As well as tours of the West and East Coast.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends, do they put out?
Your influences?
Musical influences range widely from Chuck Berry to Dead Boys to Bad Brains. (RNR, Early Hardcore and Punk Rock)