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Richie Griffin
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play hi-fi  Georgia On My Mind
play hi-fi  The Devil Wears Pretty Cologne
play hi-fi  Tonight
play hi-fi  Just Like You
play hi-fi  Falling Asleep
play hi-fi  The Truth Is An Assortment Of Lies
play hi-fi  What The Rain Brings Feat T3rminal Illness
play hi-fi  Daydream Feat pace
play hi-fi  Fire Breathing Astronauts

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Holler at your boy who is slightly older than a boy but still accepts the name...

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Why this name?
One time i was in the forrest and i ate a bad berry and felt extremely intoxicated...So i ask a willow tree named Willy what my name was....and he said..."I dont f*cking know"...So ever since that point in my life ppl have been asking ... "how did you get your name"....So i say that a god came down and struck me in the head with a rock/sea animal....Does that answer your question?
Do you play live?
Yes...Mostly throughout New Mexico...but also in Cali have we grace the microphonical sessions...But we would play where the mulah asked us to...except a nude gay convention...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think that george bush said it best when he said..."cha cha (heave heave) (cough cough)"....he was choking when i quoted this....a piece of a pretzel was lodged in his throat not allowing him to say anything dumb....this is how i describe the change with the internet....a choking piece of pretzel...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well when you say record label it makes me the of a letter...the kind you mail...i sign those all the time..in fact im getting qwite good at them....the labels are all so smooth...the stick end does get stuck on your hand when you open it though...
Band History:
The history was one of those classes that didnt interest me...i had a teacher that i did like but i still couldnt grasp the dact that i had to stay up in her class...there was a bueatiful girl who sat next to me though....i was only awake when she spoke to me....but ...well i guess that is my history...
Your influences?
I like to stay off any influences because they make me feel out of control...no....im not Mr. Perfect but i dont try to stay away from everything....the influence that is most used by myself though...is crack!!!!i only do twice every three days now though....my paroll oficer made me cut down...
Favorite spot?
I used to talk to this spot in my bathroom because it had a Ginormous growth of mold on it....i figured it was alive....that was my favorite spot for at least three days...i cry when my mom found it and wipe it up like it was some kind of germ....so cruel...
Equipment used:
Well ....Excluding the force...i use ppls stupidy and girls unknowing ways of dealing with men to establish a solid foundation on a track...so instead of running in circles trying to right on a wall...i get into several extremely short relationships that i think will amount to something and let them effect me so when the girl drops me like poop in a bag thats on fire...i cry for six days and three minutes and then write something like four hundred tracks about it....
Anything else...?
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