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David Gaziel - Drums, Cymbals, Percussion
Ali Shayesteh - Guitars, Bouzouki, Saz, Oud
James Sudakow - Electric Violin / Viola
Jennifer Ann Spingola - Electric 6-String Violin
Jen Kuhn - Electric Cello
Jessica Catron - Cello

Band History:
Human Life Index is a unique instrumental rock band with an eclectic choice of instrumentation. The band has been performing as an instrumental act since May 2003, after the 2 founding members/songwriters of the band, David Gaziel and Ali Shayesteh relocated from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Ali and David recruited Jen Kuhn and Jessica Catron on electric cello/acoustic cello and rounded out the band with James Sudakow and Jennifer Spingola on electric violins. At times, the guitar gives way to the bouzouki or a saz and innovative, melodic drumming brings it all together, providing a brand new sound for audiences and a very exciting live performance. Human Life Index has opened for some great artists such as Steve Vai, Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie), Lili Haydn (George Clinton) and King’s X.

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