Mexico 1910
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Why this name?
short answer: the mexican revolution began in earnest in 1911, but by then the initial spark was already being co-opted and consumed. so for us our name reflects the anxiety, restlessness, dread, anticipation, false hope and possibilities of that final year before the chaos.
Band History:
Mexico 1910 was born out of the frustration and dissatisfaction of toiling in a mediocre indie-pop band plagued by an unstable line-up and clashing egos. All four of us played in that band at one time or another, so when it finally fell apart for good we decided to get together and see what might come out of an entirely different collaboration. This time there would be no egos, no front person, and no restraints. Instead we would focus entirely on the music by being all instrumental, completely democratic, and open to experimentation. Our first demo was recorded in November of 2001 and spent close to a year on the charts of Tulane University's WTUL. Our new record, "Sharpen Your Crutches" (Granny Style Records), was recorded with Jason Rhein in late 2002 and debuted at #2. We've done two short tours, once through the Gulf South and once to the Northeast, in addition to more than fifty shows here in Louisiana. The end of 2003 brought a pair of encouraging press accolades: a spot in the Times-Picayune Top Twenty Albums Of 2003, and an Offbeat 'Best Of The Beat' nomination for Best Emerging Rock Artist.

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