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2-Die-4 from Sadistik Recordz
Why this name?
you know the story behind that
Do you play live?
yeah I would, I have at clubs before
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it changes everything for artists that don't get radio play and tv play it helps them out
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yeah if the deals good, but i'm happy where I am now
Band History:
2-Die-4 - Da Unfadeable

01. More Than Muzik
02. Ain't No Stoppin
03. Against All Oddz
04. Rock The Crowd
05. Too Hot
06. On Tha Flo
07. Dirty Dirty
08. Tha Anthem
09. You Cain't Stop Me
10. Invincible
11. Speak My Mind
12. Last Man Standin
13. Walk Into The Light
14. Step Ya Game Up
15. Drop Dat Shit
16. Think About It

*Note* - most people who purchase the original copys will get these 16 tracks, the dvd, and no more,

Those who purchase the LIMITED EDITION will recieve:

The Dvd, 2...2-Die-4 Bonus Tracks and an Interview track with 2-Die-4 hosted by none other than J Eastwood

Those who get happen to purchase the VERY LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION will recieve:

The Dvd, 3...2-Die-4 Bonus Tracks, The Interview track with J Eastwood AND...a track off of 2-Die-4's newest project he's working on
Your influences?
all classic west coast rap, some east coast rappers, and a lil bit of dirty south touch too
Favorite spot?
all around the us
Equipment used:
ask Arcapella he's the man behind the boards
Anything else...?
be on the look out for

2-Die-4 - Da Unfadeable
Arcapella - Posted Up
Sadistik Recordz - Mixtape
The Sadistik Recordz Compilation Cd
The Bustin Headz Productions Compilation Cd
POSSIBLY a Innertwined CD
and MANY MORE collaborations from MYSELF
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