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Hip Hop
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NEWS   It's hard to truly come up with something new, something that's, "Never been done before". This has to be close. By combining bagpipes with heavy rock guitar, yet never straying too far from pop, McCuaig's new album, "Tales from the Shroom Room" is stretching the parameters of a genre obsessed industry. The only problem besides not being able to pigeon-hole this artist, is keeping up with the demand for his product. Come on in and visit the "Shroom Room". I promise that the only doors that are locked are those to your mind.--J.Turnbull
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If ever you are in the mood for something more refreshing than a pint on a sweaty day, it's time to experience McCuaig. Fresh,heavy,experimental and best of all, popular, this 28 year-old bagpipe sensation has people groping for superlatives, trying to define the awesome "McCuagian Sound". Try to imagine an eclectic mix from hippy to hip hop grunge, - all while wearing a kilt!(And the growing number of girl fans know what's going on underneath it!) He's also not above playing a traditional Scottish jig, albiet with a modern aggressive twist. He brings the bagpipes to a new level by playing them as a lead instrument, not unlike a guitar - including the various effects. And if that's not electrifying enough, he'll also strap on a guitar, or pick up the trumpet or harmonica. All this while singing the lead vocals. And his band redefines chemistry by putting the groove back into it.
McCuaig is positive, on the edge(indeed sometimes over), experimental, sexy , and definitely something not to be missed. It's not Celtic. It's not pop. It's not alternative. It's everything. It's McCuaig...
Why this name?
It was easy for me to remember.
Do you play live?
Anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow. Hey, there's a song there. Each and everytime I step on the stage it's a special moment, special because I get to do what I truly want to do.
Your influences?
The Band, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, The Tragically Hip, The Doors, The Beatles.
Favorite spot?
Can't say. It's mine and I don't want to share.
Anything else...?
A very special hello to all my friends I've had the pleasure of connecting with.
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