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Indians In Moscow
NEWS   For you faithful few out there we're busy restoring the old material for a Limited Edition release later this year. Keep watching...
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play hi-fi  Darkest Moment - Well Connected
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Drawing in a wide range of musical influences and styles, INDIANS IN MOSCOW are nothing if not quirky. Sometimes serious, sometimes plain ridiculous, sometimes Electro, sometimes House, sometimes Pop, sometimes from the bowels of Hell!

INDIANS IN MOSCOW are: Pete Riches (Keyboards, programming), Stu Walton (Keyboards, Guitar, programming) and Simon Le Vans (Programming, arranging)
Why this name?
The band's name came from an early track called (funnily enough) "Indians In Moscow", which was about media misinformation and deception...
Do you play live?
We've not played live for a few years now, preferring to stay in the studio - It's nice and warm, and we've just got "Everything or Nothing" on the PS2. We also don't have to lug heavy flight-cases down four flights of stairs at three a.m. in the pouring rain and then spend five hours driving home for twelve pounds and fifty pence!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
You know pretty quickly which tracks are good to other people, and which ones are just pants. It's the most democratic way of being heard. The audience decides in a totally interactive way, and you also get the chance to try new material without having to waste months convincing the label to invest thousands and thousands in manufacturing etc., which has to be paid back later on... plus their big fat cut!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That's academic, really. We're all older that the average vacuous Pretty Boy Band for starters, and we don't make tracks that sound like everybody else. The first thing that happens when you sign a deal is that the Label immediately starts trying to force you to sound exactly like everyone else, because "they're selling records, and we need a hit from you guys". It just ends in arguments, and stops you enjoying what you're doing. Making music suddenly becomes a chore when you're jumping to someone else's tune. Keep it small, keep it real!
Band History:
Originally a cult UK electronic indie band in the early 80's, Indians In Moscow had a No.1 indie hit in 1983 with "Naughty Miranda", followed by "Jack Pelter and his Sex-Change Chicken" and the "Big Wheel e.p.". The original band split after acrimonious management arguments just as their first album was released.

See the tribute site at http://www.indiansinmoscow.com for more of our ancient history.

Founder members Pete Riches and Stu Walton got together with singer Chris Guard from 1988 to 1994. They got two record deals with new singer Chris, but each time the record labels folded shortly after product was released. The band released two singles - "Wrong Love" and "Babylon", and an album "Ten Days To Live", which were all reviewed well, but failed to get distributed. After self-financing the "Ten Days To Live" album and touring the material solidly for 12 months the band parted company with Chris, but still work with him occasionally on other projects.

In 1995 Stu and Pete teamed up with London House and Garage DJ Simon Le Vans, and continued to produce their left-field, quirky electronic material. They released the "Something Wonderful" e.p., and before they knew what was happening another deal soon came to the table, and as usual the record label folded as soon as a single was released... so... now Indians In Moscow (still with Simon Le Vans, you'll be pleased to hear) are going to see if they can make the Internet collapse! The Indian Curse lives on... you have been warned!


Indians In Moscow - Discography 1983-1984

released 16 November 1983: (Kennick Records)

7" Naughty Miranda
c/w Miranda Cat# KNK1002

12" Naughty Miranda (club mix)
c/w I Wish I Had (rough mix)
limited edition of 2000 Cat# KNK1002T

12" Naughty Miranda (club mix)
c/w Miranda Cat# KNK1002T

released 23 March 1984: (Kennick Records)

7" I Wish I Had
c/w Slide Cat# KNK1003

12" I Wish I Had (extended mix)
c/w Slide and I Wish I Had (early days) Cat# KNK1003T

released 8 June 1984: (Kennick Records)

7" Jack Pelter and his Sex Change Chicken
c/w Salt
limited edition of 5000 Fried Egg Vinyl Cat# KNK1004

7" Jack Pelter and his Sex Change Chicken
c/w Salt Cat# KNK1004

12" Jack Pelter and his Sex Change Chicken (extended mix)
c/w The Bleak Industrial Gits and Singing to French
limited edition of 2000 Raw Egg Vinyl Cat# KNK1004T

12" Jack Pelter and his Sex Change Chicken (extended mix)
c/w The Bleak Industrial Gits and Singing to French Cat# KNK1004T

12" Jack Pelter and his Sex Change Chicken (extended mix)
c/w Jack Pelter and his Sex Change Chicken (7" mix) and Salt
promo edition of 50 white labels Cat# KNK1004T

released December 1984: (Kennick Records)

12 " EP Big Wheel EP
A side: Big Wheel and Indians in Moscow
B side: Dies Irae and The Price of Love Cat# KENK1

released January 1982: (Statik Records)

2 x LP Your Secret's Safe With Us
compilation album featuring tracks by 18 northern UK bands
Indians in Moscow track: Indians in Moscow
(also features early tracks by Pulp and The Chameleons) Cat# STATLP7

released 1983: (Statik Records)

LP The Best of Your Secret's Safe With Us
Indians in Moscow track: I Wish I Had
(also features early tracks by Pulp and The Chameleons) Cat# STATLP14

released December 1984: (Kennick Records)
LP Indians in Moscow Cat# KLNK1

Indians In Moscow with Chris Guard

released 1991: (Posh Music)

7" Wrong Love Cat# UNBS001
12" Wrong Love (Extended mix) c/w Radio edit

released 1991: (Posh Music)

2xLP Various Artists - Unbelievable
Indians In Moscow track: Wrong Love
Other artists include Shamen, Eskimos and Egypt(!)

released 1991: (Nucleus)
LP Various Artists - Rock The House
Indians In Moscow track: Babylon Cat# NUKE 01D
Other artists include Altern 8 and Primal Scream

released 1994: (Nemesis Records)

LP Ten Days To Live Cat# TDTL94/CD1

released 2004
LP World In Disguise (Indians In Moscow)
12 track compilation featuring Chris Guard: Cat# IIM01

Indians In Moscow with Simon Le Vans

Released 1998: (Mankind Records)
12" People In Space c/w Brainwash : Cat# MANK01

released 1998: (Melt Productions)
Melt Productions E.P.
Tracks - Fruit Salad, Brainwash, No1 Song In Heaven, Dream Catcher: Cat# MP01

released 2004: (Indians In Moscow)
LP People In Space : Cat# IIM02
10 tracks, featuring Simon Le Vans


*** Melt Productions e.p., Ten Days To Live LP, World In Disguise LP, People In Space LP and a special edition original Indians In Moscow LP are available for purchase. Please email for details. Coming soon - www.indiansinmoscow.net
Your influences?
Influences lurch wildly from Techno to House to Pop to Rock. Heroes in the past have ranged from Pere Ubu, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Sex Pistols, The Tweets, The Orb, Jam and Spoon, T.Rex, Coldplay, Gene Krupa, Motorhead, Chuck Jones, Bowie. Styles adored - Techno, House, Electro, Pop, Indie, Art Rock.
Favorite spot?
London. Definitely London. It's got everything except mountains. And a beach. And a volcano. And sharks.
Equipment used:
PC-based production, driven by Cubase. Sounds from plug-in modules, plus the good ol' Bass Station, Morpheus, samplers etc.
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