Patti Sterling
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Patti Sterling sets up her stage at the intersection of Jazz and Blues at the center of modern music. With her masterful jazz influenced vocals, gospel tinged songwriting and electrifying delivery forged in the heat of the Texas Roadhouse Blues Circut, Patti has set out to redefine the STAX sound for the New Millennium
Do you play live?
Yes, Playing Live is the best! This Spring I was playing with a Blues Band on Wednesday nights at one club, and Hosting a Pro Jazz Jam with a Trio on Monday nights at another while I was in and out of the studio working on tracks for a new CD.
And That's in L A!
I played a gig in Santa Monica three days after the Northridge earthquake. There was an aftershock in the middle of the set and a ceiling panel dropped next to my videographer. The guys in the band all wrote out their guesses of the Richter Scale numbers and held them up like Olympic judges. The crowd liked that, it calmed them down.
Band History:
The collaboration that led to the Left Turn Only album and current band began when Patti was involved with a jazz project at the Los Angeles studio of Righteous Brothers lead guitarist, and Phil Spector session player, Art Munson. A few months later Patti needed to lay down a track for a song she was going to pitch for a Tina Turner project. She called Art and a year later came away with a finished album.
Your influences?
Every Stax artist, male and female, Rod Stewart and John Coltrane.
Favorite spot?
Anything else...?

Video "Seven Desires LIVE

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