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We are finishing our new album at the minute "So far from your dreams..."
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play hi-fi  You are so far
play hi-fi  Call my name
You will never lose this pain..
Why this name?
thuoc is from vietnamesse language it means something like a drugs
Do you play live?
We love play live and we can play every space have 125V :=)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes...we are looking for
Band History:
Thuoc band was born in 1997 and still playing.

thuoc are: Jack(voc,gtr), Neil (gtr), Mark(bass), Vitt(drum/loop)

2001 - You never know (single)
2002 - Minimax II PL (compilation CD)
2004 - The Liesong
2005 - Frail Existence

2006 - A tribute to Dezerter(compilation CD)

So far from your dreams - comming soon...
Your influences?
All psychodelic, gothic rock
Favorite spot?
Prague, Bratyslava, Budapest, London, Amsterdam, New york, Chicago and every spot and place at this earth
Equipment used:
fender , yamaha, boss...
Anything else...?
Music makes you alive...
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