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Def-T Records is a small indie label started by to smith(black diamond) outta kentucky. Black Diamond has released thirteen previous albums and has a scheduled release for a new album: "WHO SAYS THE SOUTH AIN'T LYRICAL" due to be released march 22nd 2007. "I was signed to an indie label outta detroit called Boyd Records about 8 years ago, but I am now a self contained recording company myself" says black diamond. Black also has poetry published in a book titled patterns of life. "I am so very proud of my poetry being published!," Diamond says.
Why this name?
I chose the moniker BLACK DIAMOND because i am a black man and no two diamonds are the same, which represents my originality.
Do you play live?
I play live wherever they will give me a damn microphone!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has made promotions for struggling and upcomong artist better.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only If i could sign an imprint deal..I have made a living off my indie sales for the last three years...
Band History:
Black Diamond has been recording music for over ten years and has quite an underground following in Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, Atlanta, and Northern Michigan. This year he plans to branch out to other states.
Your influences?
Black Diamond cannot be classified as nothing but hip hop. His life is centured around hip hop culture, and it always has been centered around the rhythm of the drum. Some of his favorite groups are RUN DMC, PUBLIC ENEMY, TUPAC, DMX, EMINEM,THE LIST WOULD GO ON.....Black Diamond has been influenced from all hip hop dating back to the forgotten mc"s like KRS-ONE, STEADY B. FEARLESS FOUR, etc...
Favorite spot?
danville kentucky because that is home!
Equipment used:
anything i can get my hands on i will use. i will take a toy keyboard get a rhythm and make the whole party JUMP..that is because my lyrics thump..smack u in the head and leave a big ass lump.
Anything else...?
Black Diamond represents true hip hop and culture. I feel like rap music is in a bad state right now. Everyone wants to "bling-bling" or everyone wants to be a gansta....what happened to black people loving and looking out for one another? My music may consist of various content and subject matter, but it is and will always be true hip hop. Rap music has been apart of my life for over twenty years now..that's right haters, I have been recording music for twenty years now. The industry has changed alot over this span but i remain and i ain't going nowhere so u can get to know me...word up..I try to write lyrics that are always saying something and not alot of nothing..whether it be battle rhymes, political jams, or even love songs, I try to remain true to what i speak about. if there are some good dj's out there then holla at me because when i start doing these shows i want a dj in the background just like it was back in the days of steady b. and tat money. i bet people are saying "who the hell is he talking bout?" Yall young niggas don't know too much about that and in all truth, i go back even before dem cats..i am talking bout fatback nigga..i had king tim the third rocking on my mickey mouse turntable and i knew then what the future held..that is the first rap record on wax for all yall bustas..yall niggas betta get ya skills up to par for sure if yall thinking bout dissin me..i will make a record and destroy your whole career and that's real..hell, just ask mc rock what i am talking bout. he will tell motha f***as peep the real rap game when ya listen to black diamond..nuff respect niggas...and nuff said..i'm out...ONE.
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