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4th World Entertainment presents Yaiva.
Yaiva is a hip-hop artist from the days of
rhyming for the fun of it. Yaiva is an
accomplished writer and lyricists.
Yaiva's latest full album is titled LIFE
and has been getting great reviews from
people all across the US and Canada.

For more info visit Yaiva at or

E-mail -

Why this name?
Yaiva is my last name which means to rise gracefgully in the Hopi Langauge. A friend in high school started calling my simply as "Yaiva" and it stuck and thats how I've been know since.
Do you play live?
We do live shows at least three times a month. Many in AZ. One spot I like a lot is a spot called Mogollon Brewing Co. the atmosphere is the bomb, the sound, stage, and the location is dope. The last show I did there I did a live percussion set and the crowd went crazy. It was a good ass feeling to be rhyming over real drums and percussions and on top of that to have the crowd respond the way they did was real dope.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yeah, it offers people anywhere to hear your music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probably if I was feeling what they were bringin to the table. So far we've had a few small time offers but haven't got the right deal offered yet. I'd be down to sign with an indie label if the feeling was good, but its all speculation right now, we'll see.
Your influences?
Public Enemy, Casper, dead prez, Luniz, Ice Cube, Natay.
Favorite spot?
Flagstaff, AZ
Equipment used:
My Balls and My Word
Anything else...?
Check the new album Straight Heat and For The People - EP. It is the hottest thing this year. Visit on ways to order and check our upcoming shows, see if were in your town anytime soon.

Thanks to everyone who has support us. We love ya. To all the haters, thanks for keeping my name in your mouth, we love ya too.
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