NEWS   Hey! lets have some fun! Listion to "Oh Girl" our newest single!
TCustomz Productionz
*NEW* Forever 2016 (Eminem x Drake x Kanye type)
New School
Drake x Eminem x Kanye West type beat. New School Hip-Hop / R&B. **BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALE** - ALL Beats 65% Off until 11/30 Call/text (304) 951-0865, for all serious inquiries!
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play hi-fi  Everything
play hi-fi  Find A Way
play hi-fi  Oh Girl... (TMA,Take'nDaHeatOfHawaii2Everybody!!!)
Sup Everyone!

This is J.R. Stroud of TMA productions. Based out of the eastside of the Big Island of Hawaii, TMA is a two man crew: Giffered and me, J.R. Stroud. Working together, TMA is producing a new sound. The TMA style mixes everything from island to pop to hip hop. Generating a new sound ya gotta Download and Crank UP!! Our first song is now available on our music page, its called "Oh Girl". Anywayz, hit us up on the message board or toss an e-mail our way, we wanna know whats on your mind... Thanks for visiting us here on

peAce, J.R. Stroud

P.S. Our next productions is called "Just Another Day" and its gonna be a track ta Cruise to. So be on the lookout, its come'n your way soon!
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