The Jumblies
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Sorry Not Sorry (Young Thug Type)
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play hi-fi  Morningrise
play hi-fi  Catch It If You Can
play hi-fi  Sick Inside
play hi-fi  What I've Waited For
play hi-fi  Everyday
play hi-fi  Eeda
play hi-fi  Palisades
play hi-fi  Locked Away
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Experimental noise and traditional songwriting.

Sonic therapy to soothe your grieving heart.

The Jumblies seek The Holy Trinity of the almighty riff, the mind twisting lyric, and the trance inducing ambient textured groove.

Their first album "By the Light of a Blue Moon" was released in 2002 to critical acclaim. The follow up was titled "Catch It If You Can", an ep released in 2005. The Jumblies are currently writing new things for 2006 and will continue to refine their stage show which includes a shining revolving orb called Pinhead.
Why this name?
Edward Lear. Edward Gorey. Mystery. Diana Rigg. The Avengers. The Prisoner. Portmeirion. Swansea. Dylan Thomas. John Cale. The Velvet Underground. Etc...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
1999. Mark Heng, Tracy Ross, Bart Graf, Eric Magennis, Jon Hall...
2005. Mark Heng, Clara Kebabian, Katherine Deakin, Mark Eskander, Goss...
Your influences?
The music you hear in Indian Restaurants during the special buffets. Yummmmmm!!!
Favorite spot?
Boston. Paris. London. New York. Milan. Venice. Tokyo. Amsterdam.
Equipment used:
Guitar- Aria Pro 2. Keybord- Triton LE. Violin- Stradivarius. Bass- Thunderbird. Drums- Ludwig.
Anything else...?
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