Northern Hybreedz
NEWS   NORTHERN HYBREEDZ......only the illest
VOTE HOT VOTE HOT VOTE HOT VOTE HOT you don't get more underground then Huntsville, Ontario
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play hi-fi  Dimensia
play hi-fi  ill techniques
play hi-fi  undead mic raiths
play hi-fi  the hiphop-calypse is now
play hi-fi  SlipNaughtz
play hi-fi  the aggressor
play hi-fi  Altered States
play hi-fi  wait a second.....
play hi-fi  metaphysix ,man of mystery
play hi-fi  get the kcuf outta here

BoyCot commercial rap

Why this name?
Psyc-Majors who use 33% of our brain... (imposible) NO thats "HYBREEDZ" from Canada
intellectual superhumans, perfect gene pools,
unheard of capabilites, forcefull hiphop
Do you play live?
when needed.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it's great for independent groups to be heard, but diminishes the sales...nice Catch 22
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
of course. what's major anyways, a pay check???
cause i need a pay check!!!
Band History:
there is a demo floating around out there with some ill tracks...don't hesitate to download
'Tenshun tha Strest 1'
Your influences?
Brooklyn Akademy, Jedi Mind Tricks, AOTP, def jux, E.C. ,anticon, rhyme sayers,
all Toronto & Canadian artists!
Favorite spot?
Hibernation-MUSKOKA, ONTARIO ----------- TORONTO
Equipment used:
tables, mics, computers,& digital mixer
Anything else...?
Tenshun tha Strest 1
Demunz The Dark Apostle
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