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Do you play live?
I've performed live in Oakland during an annual gay hiphop show, I've performed locally in Dallas at a music store in Deep Ellum with my friend and co-emcee Tim'm T. West and I have a performance scheduled in NYC in July.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
I'm influenced by hiphop in general in that I have a respect for the artform and expression, however, I dislike the direction it's gone and I tire of repetitive themes in the mainstream. There's a lot in the underground that I dig and a lot that I'm not feeling as well with some more popular artists. I'm not gunna name drop cos that's just how I am.
Favorite spot?
I love the Bay Area, London, Amsterdam and Paris above all other places I've been...more to come upon future travels.
Equipment used:
So far, I use a mic, a mixer and a computer. All beats I've rapped to I've been hooked up with. Special thanks to Dutchboy and Noz in the U.K. also to DJ MisterMaker.
Anything else...?
Big Ups to the GHH and PF massive, all my comrades across the globe. May the tidal wave wash over the ignorant and souless lives off the planet.