Markus (KY)
NEWS   8-31-2013

Hi, all...Markus here....

Recently put my song, "Blessed Be", from the 2011 CD BAD VIBES, for sale in digital sheet music format; for those that are into using digital lead sheet music, this may suit you. Here is the link to it:

Thanks in advance,

Paul Cabbin Beats
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play hi-fi  DONE IS DONE-Song Demo-JULY 2014
play hi-fi  SOONER OR LATER-Song Demo-mp3
play hi-fi  LIKE, I, & CARE-Song Demo-mp3
play hi-fi  HAUNTED
play hi-fi  OWN THE MOMENT-Song Demo-mp3
play hi-fi  ON A ROLL-Song Demo-mp3
play hi-fi  SORRY CAME TOO LATE-Demo-mp3
play hi-fi  SANCTUARY-Song Demo-mp3
play hi-fi  PROMISE TO KEEP-Demo Mix mp3
Markus: Louisville,Ky.-based musician, singer, actor, recording artist, songwriter & self-publisher ( via Stat Songs Publishing [ASCAP]).
Why this name?
Different spelling of the name; looked really cool. No special reason.
Do you play live?
Off and on at times.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Hmmmm,...that's a good question; I think it gives artists a chance to be heard by the general public who may otherwise not be heard through the "usual methods".
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That's another good question, given the facts on how the majors work, or at times on how they don't. No easy or fast answers on that one.
Band History:
I was once a member of the first version of the back-up band for country-pop singer/Soundclick artist Foxx in 2001; I have been focusing on the solo songwriting/performing thing since then, as well as Internet songwriting/collabs, demoing, and recording solo CD's.
Your influences?
As far as influences go, lots of 80's artists, i.e., Prince, Loverboy, Billy Idol, Teena Marie (RIP), the Go-Go's, Journey, INXS, DuranDuran, Starship,; more melodic stuff. Something that's sorely lacking in music right now, sorry to say. Nothing from AMERICAN IDOL or current radio, that's for sure! (LOL!) Of late with songwriters, it's been Diane Warren, Linda Perry, Richard Marx, & many songwriters/record producers and the like.
Favorite spot?
Where else? the planet Earth itself. (LOL)!
Equipment used:
As far as gear; for the first CD,......BTW, everything was recorded on analog gear( most of which was on cassette 8-trk., one cut on 1/4 in. 8-trk, and 2 on 1/2 in. 8-trk.) then mixed onto digital tape and mastered on CD. For the 2nd CD, S.T.A.T.!, there was a combination of an ADAT and PC recording software, except for one track that was recorded on analog tape, later mixed to digital tape; the whole project was digitally mastered. The 3rd one, DIGITAL ECLIPSE, was recorded completely via my PC and mixed onto analog tape, then digitally mastered. The current CD, BAD VIBES, was recorded on PC, then mixed onto digital tape and mastered digitally.
Anything else...?
The CD's, ......BTW, S.T.A.T.!, DIGITAL ECLIPSE, and BAD VIBES are now available in physical and digital forms at CD Baby dot com. Or you can buy them from me directly. Contact me via this webpage,, or at for purchasing info.

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