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Krazykyle is part of the underground hiphop / rnb group RAPSKALLION. Now currently signed by XAX ent. upbound records as a solo act. Krazykyle started back in the dayz with Artstrong Apokalypsis and many more under Hit em up productions. The album is entitled Krazykyle and the rapskallion familia, with the carrier single THE ANSWER rmx feat ALIYA PARCS (runner up on RX 93.1's open mic song of the year for 2003). Krazykyle is also part of the album United Freestyles vol 1 & 2 by DJ ARBIE WON out on stores now with his single NO ALBUM GOT SKILLS..a very controversial song since XAX records received a warning letter from the lawyers of Carlos Agassi. Carlos, we aint ruining your reputation, were just using ill metaphors and battling has always been part of the culture of hiphop. So as a 2nd single for his solo album Krazykyle made a song entitled THE REAL PRINCE OF RAP - a very emotional track speaking the truth about hiphop once again. other singles out on stores now are ROCK with You from the Open Mic compilation album, 3 tracks from Eva Santos' album including Cebu's charttopper NEVER TOO LATE, and several guest appearances on various hiphop artists. Krazykyle also signed a deal with the PBA for his single FULL COURT PRESS which will be used as the PBA theme for the 2004 season right after the fiesta conference. So go on and buy that album when it comes out...KRAZYKYLE AND THE RAPSKALLION FAMILIA -with guest appearances from Francis M, Aliya Parcs, DJ Arbie Won, JOLO, BB Clan , D-coy , Maddpoets, Amazing Kid, Legit Misfits, HIJAKKK , Death Threat, 7 shots, Kristyles and many more.........
Why this name?
Krazykyle used to be just K.Y.L.E. Kaotic Young Lyrical Executor ...but as years past people started calling him Krazy with the krazy punchlines in his him the monicer Krazykyle...and Rapskallion is a single in South Carolina that Demarco produced, inspired the group alot and made this their group name
Do you play live?
Everytime theres a hiphop event im in there. Wether it means getting paid or getting laid im in there for fee or for free. i support the local scene to the fullest.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It'll give chance to all those li'l kids who got madd talent but cant be heard. There is now a reason to do tracks even if theres no record deal in sight.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
i already did, but i love XAX coz they're flexible .we can call them major label coz they big time and all that endless love soundtrack thing but for me they keep it underground coz they let me do what i wanna do...release what i believe in...freedom of speech
Your influences?
I love Fabolous a lot , and the beats of Neptunes. I like Nas, Francis M, Demarco , PIKASO, and MASTAPLANN of course
Favorite spot?
Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco ...dayym i miss all the seafood and the shoppin' and all the rappin we used to do on the streets....or even those freeway freestyles (remember that Proof POS?)and i love the Filipinos in there...and the spaghetti of DJ Arbie's mom in Daly city ...haha
Equipment used:
give me a paper a pen and a mic....ill blow your mind