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Hits By Jude
In The Face By Hits By Jude
West Coast
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play hi-fi  Dawkins Vs Mcgrath pt.2
play hi-fi  Dawkins Vs Mcgrath pt.1
play hi-fi  Ugly truth
play hi-fi  PASSIN" DA TOMAHAWK!!!
play hi-fi  Darth Vader and dr.phill=thought police+W.B.=same
play hi-fi  lawless in gang town
play hi-fi  no written shyt, real freestyle done in one take.
play hi-fi  death un masked exposes reaper
play hi-fi  freestyle diss- on masked reaper-the newbie
play hi-fi  scotts life on track!(suck my d**k bi*** & f*** u)
I have scraped my mix tape.I have scraped my name.Instead I'll be Currently working on an album,Intitled: SUMMARY EXECUTION! My new name and soundclick page will be addressed under my new alias:12th legion!

Continue to Enjoy My Music,I'll still be dropping tracks here from time to time until my album is completed.

Why this name?
i'm the best at f***ing two girls at once!
Actually, my friend gave me this name, becuase I would rap all day long, but also becuase I said crazy rhymes utilizing wordplay in my spits. I guess he had issues and thought of them as I spit my raps. Then pushed his issues off on me!!! who knows?!?!?!?! who cares?!?!?!?!
Do you play live?
Not yet,but I will be!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
f*** yeah!, you can download music other than mainstream getting a real look at real talent that needs to be signed...etc
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell Naw! unless it's an underground lable...f*** them sale outs!*coughs*eminem*coughs*
Band History:
started off spitting was so f***ing wack, i slapped my dam self,not any more now i take my free time outin'bitches that piss me off..i waste many secs of my life making fun of kids i don't know!!!don't worry i got real tracks i work on. when i'm not beating up on the mentally retarded!!
Your influences?
halfbreed,kotton mouth kings,tech nine,royce da 59,jedi mind tricks,chino-xl,Immortal Technique,canibus,necro,mr.hyde,ill bill,soulfly.
Favorite spot?
any place with bi***es and drugs
The atmosphere...other wise known as, STL-metro
Equipment used:
cool edit pro 2/cubasis,audio buddy-pre amp,
studio projects b1 mic,sony mdr-7506 head phones,
sound card,EMU-1212.
Anything else...?
yeah, i'll eat you and your children!!!
don't praise me to allah!!!
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