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I am a composer of new concert music. I tell stories in sound. This is a labor of love for me and I hope you find my music enjoyable. Most of my recordings are very high quality midi realizations using today's advanced sample libraries. I do hope to add more live playing in the future.
Your influences?
My musical influences are pretty eclectic, though most are in the realm of classical music. One of the things that inspires me is counterpoint. I love to hear themes juxtaposed against each other. For this reason Bach is a significant influence in my music, but so are Franck, Brahms, Stravinsky, Bartok, Barber, Hanson, and many more.
Favorite spot?
Dorset, Vermont, USA. My father and two of my brothers live in a beautiful valley surrounded by some of the finest of the Green Mountains.
Equipment used:
The sample libraries I use are ;Garritan Orchstral Strings, Project Sam Horns and Trombones (and free trumpets), Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds and Brass, Post Bosendorfer 290, London Orchestral Percussion.

I also can't forget the free convolution reverb for Windows, Super Impulse Reverb (SIR). With a quality impulse it's an amazing tool.
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