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NEWS   grab the new cd by the metry wrecks, 'crawlin' back to metry' . it's a fun and song filled romp into the furthest reaches of musical friviolity, based on an all too true story that's only half true. including the hit songs, 'blue sky drive', 'random samples of love seen as boyfriend replicas' and the newest single, 'doublethink'.
get it now! coz it's only new for now...
blue sky drive
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a jaunty little jalopy plea to get away from it all... employing the mandolin, the grabber bass, drums, and some especially shaky vocals. done on the porta-1 one rainy new orleans out for the yellow car!
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play hi-fi  death garage (the ice cream blonde)
play hi-fi  blue sky drive
play hi-fi  doublethink (orwellian mix)
play hi-fi  anesthesia
play hi-fi  random samples of love seen as boyfriend replicas
play hi-fi  waiting for the revolution
play hi-fi  (you had to open) pandora's box
play hi-fi  american 195x
play hi-fi  sighting saucers
play hi-fi  here comes the scary part!
4 or five guys looking for liquor, love and laughs. . . then writing songs about it. Each brought together in new orleans by hook and by crook, to play a moody, muddy, almost moist music. They have a rhythm that smolders like a slow landfill fire, with words askew and music muggy. Playing high and low, using whatever is left over from the night before, they tear into their sounds, (which are somewhat found), with an emotional ferocity few have mastered! Come hear for yourself, that witty and charming band about town...
Why this name?
it just seems to fit... but we go by many monikers, the metry wrecks is another. the rest is too upsetting to relate...
Do you play live?
We don't play well with others. Intent on mayhem and chaos, we have been banished to the studio for the duration...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It lets us reach out and change the world, one tune at a time!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
don't really think they would want to have anything to do with us.
Band History:

M.A. Sample - lead/bkgd vocals, songwriter, guitars, basses, pianny and keyboards, drums/percussion, saxophone, harmonicas, mandolin, ukelele, trombone, noises, effects, treatments and manipulation...

Sadie Mae Lumpkins - lead/bkgd vocals, songwriter, loops, dubs, sympathy, utensils and appliances, muse...

The Reverend 'Mr' Freeze - vocals, handclaps, songwriter, sound, stats and samples...

P-Man Thomas - drums/percussions, beats, plastic forks, toys, videos, shoes, time-outs, pouts, yelps, yowls, whines, noises, mac & cheese, and a general mischievious and undermining attitude...

featuring the metry transitional choir and the old metry wreckin' krewe horns...

Your influences?
the beatles, the marx brothers, XTC, robert zimmerman, raymond chandler, pink floyd, robert johnson, the rat pack, looney toons, the coen brothers, new orleans r & b, robert a. heinlein, brian wilson, the rat pack, dasheill hammett, kubrick, NIN, trad jazz, elvis c. and elvis p. (before the army), satchmo, todd rundgren, buster keaton, radiohead, THE firesign theatre, hendrix, hitchcock, ludwig van and wolfgang amadeus, film noir, the kinks, zappa, the clash, the bonzo dog doo-dah band, miles davis, spoon, sci-fi...
Favorite spot?
we just love new orleans, the city that care forgot!
Equipment used:
sony viao vgc-rc110g, 'HAL 9000' (for it all), sony vaio rx881, (for audio), a transitor radio, a fender telecaster, a gibson grabber bass, a rickenbacker 360-12, a washburn es-10 dobro, an epiphone acoustic, a fender precision bass, a pair of shakers (one cracked), a ukelele, some pots and pans, somebody's forgotten mandolin, various harmonicas, about 10,000 vinyl records, acid 4 pro, a fender pro-twin reverb amp, a fender sidekick reverb 25, a peavy backstage 30, a tascam 424 mk2 4-track, a tascam porta-1 4-track, a roland tape echo, a sony tvr340 handycam, my high school saxophone, my daddy's 'olds' trombone, a tamborine, a very old roberts reel-to-reel w/ a built 8 track recorder, an old up-right pianny, sound forge 8, a few sony casette decks, a nice set of pulse drums, vegas video 5, an old casio sk-1 sampler, a casio 455 keyboard, a found accoustic guitar, a bunch of electronic gizmos for effects, my old broken dobro, assorted percussive thingys, anything left over from the night before, 2 turntables and a microphone, . . .
Anything else...?
Thanks for checkin' the wrecks!
Leave us a note . . . and come back soon as things are bound to change often.
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