Kira Torshaug
NEWS   Kira is currently working on her solo-debut album @ Watch out for its release in June of this year!!!
East Coast
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Many people throughout their lifetime never discover where their true talents lie. Kira has known she would sing since the age of five. Her natural talent pulled her into the Fine Arts at an early age and has yet to let her go. Her energetic stage presence was developed during her theatrical days in university, while she worked towards her BSW.

Her compassionate character and inexhaustible energy maneuvered her into a role of a community support worker, where she spent nearly a decade dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

It was not long before Kira found an opportunity to fill her remaining free time with the thing she loved most: music. The first real successes of her musical career were in a project called Soul Patch Presents, a seven-piece Latin-funk band, which Kira rounded out beautifully with her soulful, emotionally-driven lyrics as lead vocalist. She quickly became an integral member of the group and complemented the groovy rhythms with powerful vocals and a captivating stage presence. She played a vital part in guiding the band on a successful five-year tour campaign, in which time they played more than three hundred shows, with stops that included the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival in 2001 and Kelowna Blues Fest in 2003. “I perform to entertain.” Throughout her career with Soul Patch the shows were interrupted only once, so Kira could be cast into a Western Canada Theatre Company musical, “Little Shop of Horrors”.

There was still a great desire to compile a collection of her original material so Kira entered a local Battle of The Bands, and stole the show. The win jump-started the process and soon after Kira was in the studio recording her first original tracks.

“I write music that is usually situation or moment inspired. I try to capture a memory or feeling and create a sort of musical photo album.”

Kira is busy in the studio right now, working on completing her first solo album. It should be ready for summer 2004.

Why this name?
It is my name.
Do you play live?
Playing live is my drug of choice. I jones for it when I am without. Many years of theatre and voice training developed my love for the stage and for the production of a show. I feel like I can release on stage and really let go of all the conditioning we acquire through life. Every moment on stage is special in some way.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes the music industry and listeners accesible where once it was not. Performers had to hope and pray for that magical contract. These days, an artist can promote themselves, start their own label, record in their home and produce....Independence is rewarding. On the flip side because of free music downloading and sharing.....many artists will never see the financial rewards they deserve.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It is very hard to say.
Your influences?
Ben Harper, India Arie, The Great Lauryn Hill, Jack Johnson, Xavier Rudd, Ani DiFranco, Sublime, Less than Jake......I write and perform upliftling R&B, soul, funk ....
Favorite spot?
places near water
places with snow.....(SunPeaks Ski Resort B.C)
Anything else...?
We have one life to live....say what you want, do what you want, respect and enjoy what the world has to offer.........but be part of the solution not the part of the problem~ Peace&shine ~Kira
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