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TRANZFER COMPLETE is a set of 128 "Karmafied" combinations designed by Eric J. (Jim) Sawyer (programmer for EJ2 - Double EJ Projects) specifically for the Karma Keyboard or KarmaTriton software having Korg's EXB09 Trance Attack installed.

This collection is at the cutting edge of techno/dance/trance sounds for performing/recording artists. It contains 128 Super ElectroTech Combis for EXB 09 including the newly designed TRANZFER v 2 (T2) and TRANZFER v 1 (T1).

These are "fully Karmafied" combis (using all 8 programs and all 4 Karma Modules). Plus, there are 24 new User GEs. This is EJ2's best work yet.

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